Subject: Election Notification
Dated: Oct 03, 2009
Dear Member,

We would like to inform the current Prabasi members (2009~2010) that
you have a great opportunity to serve our prestigious organization as
Board Members.
With the new operating year starting, many of the existing Prabasi
board members term have expired. This resulted in 7 (seven) vacant
positions for Prabasi Board of Director (BOD). Out of the seven open
BOD positions, 4 positions will be elected by the current (2009~2010)
members and the rest 3 positions will be nominated by the current
board to comply with the staggard term as per our Bylaws which ensures
continuity and also gives an opportunity to new volunteers to serve
the community for the nomination period  before they can take greater
responsibilities for a longer term.The elected BODs will serve for
three years term. 
To facilitate this election process, a nomination and election
committee has been formed headed by Ashis da.
Prabasi Board is soliciting applications for these open board
positions from its current membership base. We are looking for
enthusiastic and energetic board members to guide and move this
organization to the next level. This will provide a great opportunity
for new BODs to assume leadership role in our prestigious
organization. Prabasi constitution supports and encourages new
leadership. Since these BOD positions carry certain responsibilities
and require dedicated interest in community service, all applicants
have to qualify to apply. Details of the qualification
requirements are available on the application form that one can
download from our website.
Last date for submitting application for BOD position will be October
15th, 2009. In case we receive more than 4 applications for the 4 open
elected BOD positions, we will have an election during our Kali Puja
on October 17th, 2009 in Sunnyvale Hindu Temple.
For application form, qualification requirements, how to apply and
other related details, please refer to our website:  
We would encourage our members who are interested in providing
leadership role to Prabasi and guide their organization to the next
level, to come forward and apply for the BOD position.
- Prabasi Board of Directors
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 10/03/2009
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.