Subject: NABC 2009 is just two weeks away
Dated: Jun 18, 2009
Dear Member,

Being Prabasi members, you are already aware that Prabasi is hosting
the prestigious North American Bengali Conference this year. In
another two weeks the San Jose Convention McEnery Convention Center
will be buzzing with Bengalis from all across the world in their
'sarees' and 'paanjabis' mingling with artists, dignitaries,
businessmen, poets, authors, film directors, dramatists, musicians,
film actors and actresses from Bengal and Bangladesh. For four days
starting from July 1, San Jose's Convention Center will be transformed
to a mini Bengal and will etch your memory for ever. Local residents
may be aware of the grand scale of the Opening Ceremony being executed
by 100 dancers from the Bay Area. And all other artists are pushing
their limits to present all programs to become unparalleled in
history. Not convinced? Listen to our podcasts to hear this directly
from the artists!

You certainly don't want to miss this opportunity, as it comes once in
ten years. We know most of you have registered for the conference, but
in case you have not, there is still time to register.

Website: Where: San Jose McEnery Convention Center, Downtown
When: July 2 to 4
Business Forum: July 1 - 2

There is one discount scheme still available if you are looking to
avoid the full rates. (a) Find a friend who has already registered for
NABC. Get their registration number. (b) While registering, in the
'Referral Registration Number' field, use your friend's registration
number. You will get a 3% discount on the rates.

Want to know more about who is participating in the conference? Then
point your browser to and explore the web-site.

Hoping to see you at NABC on July 1.
- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 06/18/2009
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.