Subject: TiEcon 2009 is now partnering with NABC 2009
Dated: Apr 29, 2009
Dear Member,

Whether you are thinking of building a company around your business
idea, want direct face time with the influencers in your industry, are
looking to form a killer team to grow your latest idea, looking to
join a killer team, wonder what all the fuss is about social media,
cloud computing, CleanTech and other latest trends, need tools you can
use to further your career, or perhaps switch to a brand new segment
then you MUST attend TiEcon 2009
May 15th-16th at the Santa Clara Convention Center
“Register Now” at TiEcon 2009  or website (

History has shown that most successful companies were formed during a
downtime. The current economic recession is prime time for floating
new businesses around industry-shifting trends. For TiEcon 2009 we
have crafted an agenda full of the most relevant topics of the day,
with the leaders and experts in the industry to come and deliver them
16th time in a row this year.
The keynote speakers include:
Brad Smith, CEO Intuit,
Paul Maritz, CEO VMware,
Hans Morris, President, VISA Inc.,
Vivek Ranadive, Chairman &CEO TIBCO,
Reid Hoffman, Founder & CEO LinkedIn,
Itay Talgam, Conductor Israeli Music.

The conference features two panel sessions and two 3 hour PowerConnect
limited seating lunch sessions on these 5 tracks –  Internet
Infrastructure, Wireless, CleanTech, Software and Consumer Web.  In
addition, the highly popular Business Bootcamp workshops are back
featuring hot topics such as "Networking to a New Career and Vaulting
into a New Job", and "Starting a Company in this Economy: Yes, You
Can! The Lean Startup Guide” and many more...

IF THAT IS NOT INCENTIVE ENOUGH – members will get a Special discount.
Use the PROMO CODE: TIE-PARTNER when you register at Hurry! Special registration pricing ends on 4/30. 
* $225 (TiE members) – a $70 discount!
* $325 (non members) and get a bonus 1 year membership – a $95
discount off the full price with a bonus 1 year membership!
* If you choose not to become a members you still get a discounted
price of $350 (full price is $420) – a $70 discount!

To see more about this partnership go to: 
See you at TiEcon 2009!
- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 04/29/2009
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.