Subject: Make a difference - Asian American Donor Program
Dated: Sep 24, 2008
Dear Member,

All of us at Prabasi are looking forward to celebrating the next few
days with you – At this time we wanted to let you know that this year
we are giving you an unique opportunity to make a difference even
while you enjoy the festivities! There are many blood cancer and other
blood disorder patients who can be given a second chance at life by a
marrow or stem cell transplant – Prabasi has arranged a marrow/stem
cell donor drive on September 27th from 11am-4pm to give you a chance
to help save a life.

Most of you know Prabasi’s Kaushik Guha (Raja) - his brother-in-law
Dr. Abhijit Guha, a prominent Toronto-based neurosurgeon, cancer
researcher, and tireless advocate within the South Asian community,
has recently been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and is in
desperate need of a life-saving stem cell transplant. 34 year old
Manish Bhardwaj (with a 1 year-old son and 5 year-old daughter), 3
year old Rohan, and many others are also searching the registry right now!

The process of finding a match is based on race and ethnicity, so
South Asian patients need to find South Asian donors to help survive.
Yet there is a critical shortage of South Asian donors and less than
2% of the 7 million people on the US National Registry are South
Asians. To encourage minorities such as South Asians to sign up the US
Government has made signing up Free for all Minorities.

There is only a 25% chance that patients would find a match within
their siblings so most patients have to rely on Unrelated Donors to
receive the life-saving stem cells. Signing up to be a potential donor
is really easy – there’s just a form to fill up which takes about
10minutes and then a very simple cheek-swabbing which takes less than
a minute. You just have to be within 18-60 to sign up and in general
good health.

Chances are 1 in 200 that you will actually come up as a potential
match. If you do come up as a “potential” match then you will be asked
to go for a blood test – chances are 1 in 12 that you would be the
best match and could choose to go ahead and donate. The process of
donation these days is usually very similar to blood donation. The
surgical process of marrow donation is used only if the patient’s
doctor feels a need. The entire process is always voluntary.

There are many ways you can help the Asian American Donor Program 

*           By signing up to be a potential donor.
*           By volunteering on the day of the drive.
*           By spreading the word – building awareness.

So we urge you to stop by the Asian American Donor Program’s booth and
find out more from AADP’s Sudeshna (Rini). And those of you already on
the registry please let your friends know!

For those of you worried about painful bone marrow transplant
processes of the past, new procedures make the process as simple as
taking a pill and then going for a blood and stem cell withdrawal on
the second day. The process has become a lot more easier for donors.

This Puja season – let’s try and help save lives!
- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 09/24/2008
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.