Subject: Durga Puja 2008 is this weekend
Dated: Sep 23, 2008
Dear Member,

Durga Puja is knocking on our door, and it is festival time again.
Yes, this weekend we will gather together with friends and family, and
immerse ourselves within the traditional sounds of 'dhaak', the
fragrance of 'shiuli' and the gentle swaying of 'kaash'. We invite all
of you with open arms to come and celebrate with us our most important
annual festival - Durga Puja.

We have an array of programs during the two days, Sep 27 and Sep 28 at
Chabot College, Hayward. Please visit 
to see all that we have in store for you. We have a few announcements
and enhancements to our program schedule.


There will be children's talent show on Saturday from 1:00 PM to 2:30
PM in the atrium (open space outside the pandal). We would like to
restrict the show to 5 minutes per child since we would like to
accommodate as many as possible. Please send an email to Mahuya Dhar
at or call her at 408-732-6559 to register your
child. Please specify the name of your child and mention the program
that he/she will perform during the show. The talent show will begin
from 1:00pm onwards, so all performing children should be present by
12:55 pm on Saturday, Sep 27.

Most corporations have a Company Matching donation program. Bay
Area Prabasi is eligible as a non-profit to receive donation from
Corporations. Please contact Subrata Dey for more information

NABC 2009

Prabasi is proud to host the North American Bengali Conference next
year. We have a lot of work to do in maintain the good impression we
created ten years ago in 1999 and to also to keep up the reputation
and prestige of the annual conference. We need volunteers to make this
event a success. Please send us an email with your name to to have us contact you and match your effort
with your interests.

Also, special discounts may be available to attendees of Prabasi Durga
Puja for NABC 2009 registration. Please look for the NABC booths at
local Durga Puja pandals in the Bay Area and inquire about specials
going on that day.


Durga Puja is a community event  and we need the community to help us.
We need many volunteers during Durga Puja event.

Puja Decoration - Friday Sep 26th (7 PM - 11 PM) at Chabot College
Registration    - Saturday Sep 27th ( 9 AM - 12 noon, 12 noon - 3 PM,
3 PM ~ 6 PM , 6 PM ~ 9 PM) at Chabot College
Registration  - Sunday Sep 28th ( 10 AM - 2 PM) at Chabot College
Puja (Anjali & Prasad)  - Saturday Sep 27th ( 9 AM - 1 PM) at Chabot
Puja ( Anjali & Prasad)  Sunday Sep 28th ( 9 AM - 1 PM) at Chabot

For Volunteering in the registration booth please contact Dr. Subrata
Dey at and contact Anjaly Banerjee for Puja

We wish you all the best for the coming weekend and will be overjoyed
to meet you at Chabot College this weekend for Durga Puja.
- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 09/23/2008
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.