Subject: North American Bengali Conference 2009
Dated: Apr 23, 2008
Dear Member,

Dear Members,

Imagine three days of high energy adda, entertainment and fun with 
family, friends and “Bongs” from all across the world! Sarshe -
Elish, Rabindra -Sangeet, Baul -Gaan!!  And  to top it all, the mood 
and ambience of Kolkata implanted in the heart of the Bay Area! Get 
ready for the 29th Banga Sammelan to be held in San Jose Convention 
Center from July 2~5th, 2009!!

First of all, I would like to thank the Bay Area Prabasi Board for 
giving me the opportunity to lead the executive team for the 29th 
Banga Sammelan.  North American Banga Sammelan has become an 
important annual event to promote Bengali Art, Culture and 
Literature. We have already created the vision and the slogan for 
2009 Banga Sammelan.   A beautiful logo has been created and will be 
soon uploaded to our brand new NABC (North American Bengali 
Conference) web page.  We thank all of you for your positive input 
and suggestions. 

I am excited to lead the action but successful execution is all 
about team-work.  No leader can ever succeed alone. The quality of 
the execution team is the important for the success of the Banga 
Sammelan. I welcome your participation in our rapidly growing team. 
Basing our expectations on past NABC attendance and also Prabasi's 
1987/1999 highly successful Sammelans in the Bay Area, we are 
expecting at least 7-8,000 attendees.  Since this is Silicon Valley, 
there is great hype, expectation and excitement for the 2009 
conference both from West Bengal and North America. 
We are now at the end of Planning phase. 15 Functional groups have 
been created and group leaders are meeting regularly to discuss and 
coordinate all the cross-functional activities. 
Here are some updates from different functional groups:
Business Forum 

Other than the Cultural part, being in the Silicon Valley, the 
Business Forum will be an important event of the Sammelan. The forum 
will get a new look in 2009. We are planning a trade show as a 
showcase of Bengal IT industries and infrastructure to the Silicon 
Valley companies. This will be a new venture in the Banga Sammelan 
There will be three separate sections, each with its own budget, 
leadership and execution team:
a)      Entrepreneurship
b)      Business Expo
c)      Biotech 


I am delighted with the excellent early response from our previous 
mails to Prabasi members when we were soliciting volunteers. We also 
received an energetic response during Saraswati Puja.

Please check our Website for opportunities to volunteer. Do remember 
that volunteers at all levels are welcome.  So if you have been 
postponing making that first move, do not wait any longer.  I will 
also form an Advisory Committee. I would like to welcome previous 
Sammelan leadership to join this Committee.

Fund raising
Above all, at this moment we need a team to help us in our Fund -
raising effort. This is the most critical part of the conference. We 
need to raise funds and fast. We would expect every Prabasi member 
to be part of this team and contribute. It is one of the most 
important success criteria for the Conference. We need volunteers to 
assist in making cold calls to local retailers, to small business 
and also major Corporation, airlines, previous sponsors, 

Next- Gen Conference

We have formed a great Nex- Gen aka “Youth Team”. This group 
activity will be an important event in the conference since our 
vision and mission highlights their involvement. A more formal 
meeting will take place during the summer break. Contact information 
is on the Prabasi web. A more formal meeting, which will include 
more youths, will be held during the summer break. Please do your 
best to involve your youngsters in this very enriching experience 
available right at their doorsteps!

Volunteers needed for Prabasi Booth at Toronto
As you are aware, Toronto is hosting 2008 Banga Sammelan and we will 
be setting up a registration booth in Toronto Banga Sammelan. We 
should be present in Toronto to publicize our Banga Sammelan and try 
to get as many registrations for our Conference. We need many 
volunteers to help us with onsite registration. Please roll up your 
sleeves and book your flight to Toronto. It is a holiday season so 
you can plan a trip with your family to Toronto. We need your help.  


I am glad to announce that we have a theme for our Conference. Our 
theme for Banga Sammelan will be :

“Nabo Bongo Torongo”

The creation of the theme was itself a great community effort. Many 
provided great ideas. The theme selection committee finally came up 
with this theme after a great brainstorming session. We would like 
to thank everyone who participated in the contest. There was no 
winner, as such. Everyone contributed to the final theme. 

Opening ceremony:

 Bay Area Prabasi is famous for its opening ceremony . We set the 
benchmark in Opening ceremonies of Banga Sammelans. We are  
accepting Production proposals that are innovative and creative in 
their form and/or content. Please contact us if you have such 
proposal for review. We will do a group review of all the proposals. 
Please check the Prabasi Web page (under NABC) for the format of the 
proposal, time, date, and the venue ( 
We would encourage our community kids to participate in the Opening 
and Closing ceremony (two hours program) since it will be difficult 
to accommodate local individual/group performances during the two 
and a half days event.  We have limited stage time and we would like 
to encourage people from other states to bring in programs since 
that will boost our registration and will give a National flavor to 
the event.

And finally…..

Let us all work together and in harmony – remember we have a life 
after NABC.  Collectively we are a great force; we will make our 
Sammelan a model of expertise, enterprise, and excellence. This 
valley is famous for its innovation and creativity – let’s show to 
the outside world what we can do!  With all of that, we can 
definitely make a difference and set the way for future Sammelans. 

- Surajit Sengupta
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 04/23/2008
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.