Subject: Few announcements for 2009 North America Bengali Conference
Dated: Dec 01, 2007
Dear Member,

This year we have had outstanding success with the Natak(Dompati) / 
Dance (Dona Ganguly), Durga Puja and the Kali Puja events.  This has 
been possible because of the contributions not only of our many 
volunteers, including our Board members, but also because of the 
involvement and loyalty of each of you.  Thank you all.
As we go forward, here are a few announcements.
2009 North America Bengali Conference Leadership Appointments: 
As we announced earlier, Prabasi will be hosting the 2009 North 
America Bengali Conference in San Jose.  

The Prabasi Board of Directors has unanimously selected Surajit 
Sengupta as the President of the NABC 2009 Executive team.  Though 
most of you are familiar with Surajit's long association with 
Prabasi, I would like to add a few words about him.  Surajit has 
consistently displayed strong leadership qualities.  He has worked 
many years behind the scenes as a volunteer, then as a Director and 
also as Chairman of the Board.  He has brought a high degree of 
innovation to all events, especially to the 1999 NABC convention 
hosted by Prabasi, which drew one of the highest number of attendees 
and set new grounds in all aspects for the NABC conventions. 
He will bring to the position of President of the 2009 Banga 
Sammelan, his vast experience not only with Prabasi but also with 
other non-profits in Bay Area, his passion, a vision of the bigger 
picture, his dedication and commitment, his sincerity and hard work, 
and his ability to push the benchmark higher for each Prabasi 
event.  He has worked closely with the last 10 Banga Sammelans and 
took the initiative to set forth a comprehensive presentation to CAB 
which helped us secure our bid for the 2009 Convention.  He has 
already led a facilities tour of the San Jose Convention Center for 
the CAB and core volunteers teams, secured the venue in a timely 
manner, and been instrumental in performing a lot of the early 
groundwork for the Convention.
Our second critical appointment is Prasenjit Biswas as Head of the 
Event Team which includes Performing Arts and many other planned 
events of the Banga Sammelan..  Prasenjit has been a volunteer and 
key player with Prabasi for many years and has led the efforts to 
bring in the best performers each year.  Prasenjit has served on the 
Board of Directors of Prabasi. Also a gifted musician, his keen 
musical sense and understanding of stage and sound dynamics have 
contributed immensely to our outstanding musical events.  Prasenjit 
has spearheaded the difficult task of arranging visas, dates and 
confirming contracts with Prabasi event performers.  He has arranged 
musical events not only for Prabasi but also for numerous local 
talent shows.  Prasenjit brings dedication, flair and a high level 
of commitment to this position.  His vast experience and extremely 
diplomatic interactions will be a great asset to the position.
Prabasi Board has been soliciting committee members since last few 
months. (please refer to our previous emails). We are glad that many 
of our members responded and we are in touch with all who have shown 
interest. In addition to the two appointments announced here, the 
steering committee and various committees and sub-committees/event 
committees are being formed. Please refer to the links below:

" Committee.doc"

Also we have finalized the Org chart:
" Org Chart.ppt"

All these committees and appointments are volunteer basis. To make 
the NABC 2009 Banga Sammelan one of the most successful conventions, 
we are looking to form a volunteer team of a minimum of 100 team 
members.  Many of you have valuable experience and talents that we 
would like to tap.  We would like to urge you to bring these to the 
Prabasi Board as your participation will be essential to a 
successful convention.  There are many avenues for you to 
volunteer.  Please notify us by December 15th,  if you are 
interested.  Please note that you may volunteer in any role that 
suits you best, so let us know where your strengths lie and how you 
would like to be involved.  
We will be getting in touch with those of you who have already 
responded to our earlier broadcast request.  However, the stronger 
and more varied the volunteer team, the more effective it will be 
and distribution of tasks will allow a much greater degree of 
success.  Once we have a firm understanding of your strengths we 
will create and announce the preliminary core teams and tasks.  
Thank you for your involvement and commitment.

Theme Contest and LOGO contest:
Theme Contest : No conference can succeed without a mission, theme 
and a slogan. We would like to organise a contest for the best theme 
and slogan from our members. The winning entry and runners-up will 
be announced in a broadcast message.  We hope this contest will be 
an impetus to our members to start thinking about the Sammelan and 
to show their creativity.  
Requirements for the theme:
a) It should be related to the Bengali culture and also uniquely tie 
in with the Silicon Valley 
b) Should allow us to design an opening ceremony in line with the 
c) Should be a short and catchy slogan 
d) Should ideally relate to, and appeal to, the generation of 
teenagers and young adults in our community.
e) Could be a Bengali or English phrase

Some of the previous themes:

Toronto		2008	Prakriti ar Kala (Nature and Art)
Detroit		2007    Pragatir Pathe
Houston	        2006	Bengal Renaissance
New York	2005	Duti Desh Ekti Mon
Baltimore	2003	Beyond Boundaries
Please send your entries by December 15th to
Please note that Prabasi retains copyright to all entries and may 
use one or more of the themes individually or in combination with 
other entries, and may amend winning themes as it sees necessary.  
There may be more than one entry on a similar theme, in which case 
Prabasi will select the best wording or presentation.  All decisions 
will be final and entirely at the discretion of the judging team. 
There is no monetary award for any of the winning entires or 

Logo Contest:  We are also organizing a contest for the best logo 
design  to match the theme. 
Please design a color logo and send us the pdf file for evaluation.

Thanking you,

- Pradip Banerjee
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 12/01/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.