Subject: Kali Puja Musical Extravaganza announcement
Dated: Nov 05, 2007
Dear Member,

Prabasi Board of Directors is happy to make the following 

Grand Musical Extravaganza during Kali Puja:

For Kali Puja, you will now have the program you have been awaiting 
so eagerly.  We have tripled your pleasure with the addition of two 
young and talented singers: Emon Chatterjee, who stood third in the 
Indian Idol contest and Ankita Misra, fourth among the twelve 
finalists, chosen from among millions. 

Emon Chatterjee - Fans of the Indian Idol contest on Sony TV are 
very familiar with the 17 year-old boy from Kolkata. Youngest of the 
Indian Idol finalists, he has won praise from Bollywood singers 
including Sonu Nigam. This will be Emon's first concert Tour in the 
United States. His performance at Prabasi will be his first 
international appearance. 

Ankita Misra? She is also a talented singer and she sings Suniti 
Chauhan and Asha Bhosle's songs with great finesse.

With the addition of these two singers Prabasi will present a mega 
show for its members during Kali Puja on Nov 9th which is the actual 
Puja day.

Seating arrangement:

Based on various positive and constructive inputs from our members, 
Prabasi Board has decided to assign seat numbers for our members 
(both Patron and Regular) for the upcoming Musical Extravaganza 
during our Kali Puja on the 9th of November at Chabot College. Seats 
would be assigned based on your membership registration date. Please 
note that all the seats will be reassigned. The tickets you received 
for the Amit Kumar show during our Durga Puja is NOT VALID. Please 
pick up your reassigned tickets from the Prabasi Booth during the 
Kali Puja at Chabot College.  

Non-Member Tickets:

Non-members can buy tickets for $25 per seat (Balcony) at Prabasi 
booth on day of event or by sending email to or by calling her at (408)331-0189.

Please look for Kali Puja and show details at

Prabasi Board of Directors would like to thank you for your 
continued support.

- Prabasi Board of Directors
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 11/05/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.