Subject: Kali Puja Food Arrangement & Seating announcement
Dated: Oct 30, 2007
Dear Member,

Prabasi Board of Directors is happy to announce that the Amit Kumar 
program has been rescheduled to Nov 9th. at the Chabot College 
during our 2007 Kali Puja celebration. Please refer to our web-site for details regarding our Kali Puja and evening 
musical extravaganza with Amit Kumar and Party.

Price of tickets:

Patron Members:	  Free.(Pick-up your tickets at Prabasi booth on the 
day of event.)
Regular Members:  Free. (Pick-up your tickets at Prabasi booth on 
the day of event.)
Non-members:	  $25 per ticket. (Buy your tickets at Prabasi booth 
on day of event or by sending email to Mrs. Bony Basu 
( or by calling her at  (408) 331-0189.

Seating arrangement:

Please pick up your event entry coupon at the Prabasi Booth on the 
event day. Seating will be by sections on a first come first serve 
basis at the auditorium.

Row A: 	        All seats are reserved for $100/- tickets.
Row B-L:   	Centre Rows: Reserved for Patron members.
Row B-H:   	Side Rows (Both sides) reserved for Patron members.
Row M-W:   	All seat are reserved for Regular members
Balcony: 	Reserved for non members 

Food arrangement:

Dinner:	Served on site.

Cost: 	Free for Patron Members.
$12 per plate for Regular Members. 

Menu*:	Rice, Naan, Cholar-dal, Aloo-Gobi, Bhindi masala, Goat 
curry, Chatni, Misti (For vegetarians only, Goat curry will be 
replaced with Matar Paneer.) (* Menu might change without notice)

For logistic and planning reasons, we need to know the number of 
dinner plates to order to our vendor. We request our Regular members 
to sign up for dinner by Nov 5th by sending an email to Bonny Basu 
at or by calling her at  (408) 331-0189. 
Please provide number of dinners you want to buy, your name and 
contact phone number. We will give you the food tickets and collect 
a check from you for the tickets at the Prabasi Booth on the event 
day.  Since the food will be pre-ordered, members signing up and not 
showing up will still be charged for the number of food tickets they 
sign up for. Also, note that the dinner may not be available if 
members do not confirm by Nov. 5th.

Prabasi Board of Directors would like to thank you for your 
continued support.

- Prabasi Board of Directors
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 10/30/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.