Subject: Bay Area Prabasi
Dated: Oct 03, 2007
Dear Member,

1.	Volunteers 
2.	Discounted Rate deadline extended
3.	Children Talent show
4.	New Board Members
5.	Puja Sponsorship
6.	Company Matching Donations

Volunteers Required

Durga Puja is a community event  and we need the community to help us.
We need many volunteers during these three day event.

Puja Decorationn – Thursday Oct 11th (7 PM ~ 11 PM) at Chabot College
Registration 	– Friday Oct 12th ( 7 PM ~ 10 PM ) at Chabot College
Registration 	- Saturday Oct 13th ( 9 AM ~ 12 noon, 12 noon ~ 3 PM, 3
PM ~ 6 PM , 6 PM ~ 9 PM) at Chabot College
Registration  - Sunday Oct 14th ( 10 AM ~ 2 PM) at Chabot College
Puja (Anjali & Prasad)  - Friday Oct 12th (6 PM ~ 8 PM) at Chabot College
Puja (Anjali & Prasad)  - Saturday Oct 13th ( 9 AM ~ 1 PM) at Chabot
Puja ( Anjali & Prasad) – Sunday Oct 14th ( 9 AM ~ 1 PM) at Chabot

For Volunteering in the registration booth please contact Dr Subrata
Dey at and contact Anjaly Banerjee for Puja

Also you can sign-up for volunteering through our web page : 
We offer certificates to high school students for community service. 

We are extending the membership renewal (discounted rate) date till
Oct 8th 2007 due to public request. 
As we have already mentioned that the allocation of seats for any
program is done on first come first serve basis. So please do not
delay your membership renewal, if you have been thinking about it for
a while. Membership rates for 2006-2007 are unchanged since last year.
To get the membership rates please point your browser to 

This year we will also be offering Friday dinner to our Patron. We
have a great cultural event on Friday Oct 12th. Our children will be
presenting a natak “Lakkhaner Shoktishel” on Friday at 8 PM. They
would like their Mashis and Meshoes , Dadus and Didas to come to
Chabot and encourage them.  After the Children play we will have Kaaya
Band from Kolkata. Please get programming details from our web site.

To get started with your membership renewal, click on the link below: removed...
and proceed to Paypal for payment.

Paypal does not work for Hotmail users. Thus you need to follow
different instructions as follows:

1. Note down your membership number and renewal code given below on a
piece of paper (or copy and paste it on your text editor):

Membership number: ...removed...
Renewal code: ...removed...

2. Then close and exit out of your browser. Open a fresh instance of
your browser again and type (do not click this link): 
3. Next type your membership number and renewal code on fields one and
three on this page. Then proceed to confirm your registration details
and pay normally via Paypal.

Children talent Show:

We will have a children talent show on Saturday (from 3:15 PM ~ 4
PM)in the auditorium. We would like to restrict the show to 5 mins per
child since we would like to accommodate as many as possible. Please
send an email to or call Surajit at

Board Members:
During the GBM on Sep 30th 2007,  Prabasi  announced the full board.
We are excited to see a diverse group of very enthusiastic and
talented people on the Board. Many board members are new and would
provide new vigor and ideas  to the Board.:

Mr. Pradip Banerjee ……. Chairman
Mr. Rana Bose ………….. Vice Chairman / Gen. Secretary
Dr. Subrata Dey …………  Treasurer
Ms. Reema Mukherjee …..  Director
Ms. Anjaly Banerjee ……..  Director
Mr. Surajit Sengupta …….  Director
Mr. Jyotirmoy Ganguly ….  Director
Dr. Prasenjit Biswas ……..  Director
Mr. Debashis Basu ………   Director
Dr. Arupratan Gupta …….   Director
Mr. Subrata Saha ………..   Director

Please welcome the new board members to Prabasi board.

Durga Puja is a community affair and we need community help. We would
appreciate sponsors for the following items:

Saturday Kichuri Bhog for Public - $2500
Flowers for Anjali and Puja -      $500
For all three days
Prasad for all three days -        $600
Puja (Friday/Sunday) -	           $500
Puja (Saturday)-                   $1000

Company Matching donation
Most of the corporations have Company Matching donation programs. Bay
Area Prabasi is eligible as a non profit to receive donations from
Corporation. Please contact Subrata Saha for more information :

- Prabasi Board
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 10/03/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.