Subject: Bay Area Prabasi
Dated: Sep 12, 2007
Dear Member,

This is just a quick reminder that the last date for discounted
membership rates is ending on Sep 30 th.

Membership Type   Fees till Sep 30         Fees after Sep 30
Couple               	$140                      $160
Single                	$80                        $100
Dependent        	$35                        $50
Patron (Family of 2)   $300                      $300
                     ($50 extra for each dependent for Patron)

This year we are adding Friday evening to our Durga Puja program (a
total of 3-day event). However, the membership rates remained
unchanged from last year. This provides a great value to our members.
The seating in The Performance Center will depend upon first come
first served. Patrons get seating preferences and free food (dinner
and lunch) during the three days event. Patrons also get other
benefits (like discounted tickets, preferred seating, etc) during
Prabasi hosted or sponsored events throughout the year.

We earnestly encourage you to become Patron member as this gives you
better value and also provide us for better planning for our food and
seating logistics.

As mentioned earlier seats in the first row will have an additional
cost of $100/seat for all the three days for members and $100/day for

We also have a exciting pack of entertainment programs from Friday
through Sunday. Please check our Durga Puja web-site at


for all the details about schedule, programs and venue. Cultural
programs are free for all members. Non-members can also see the
cultural programs with tickets.

Volunteers Required:

You can help Bay Area Prabasi by volunteering for many of its
activities. As a volunteer you must first register as a member and
indicate your interest areas. You will be notified when volunteer
effort is required in that area. We have diverse requirements to suit
every interest.. You may contact directly the responsible BOD for a
particular task. 
North American Banga Sammelan 2009

North American Bengali Conference

July 4th weekend each year brings around the North America Bengali
Conference.   This is an annual conference hosted by different Bengali
Associations across United  States where thousands of Bengalis and
Bongophiles collect to watch topnotch Kolkata programming, rejuvenate
the maacher-jhol running in their veins, and bond with fellow Bengalis
scattered all across the world, but particularly in the U.S.  In
addition to exposure to the latest in Bangla entertainment from film,
theater, art, music and literature, the conference also lays forth
business trends and opportunities, alumni meetings and food. It is one
of the most anticipated and exciting events for all Bengalis in the
In 1987, Prabasi hosted the first Banga Sammelan  then in 1999 Prabasi
hosted the second Banga Sammelan . Prabasi set a new high for the
North America Bengali Conference.  We changed the trends with our
programming standards and also our planning.  We hit the all-time high
for attendance, hosted Banga Sammelan first time in a convention
center, had a successful business conference, created the first
creative high tech opening ceremony on an open stage and many other
first-times in Banga Sammelan  
This is also a great fund raiser event. The two past Banga Sammelans
helped Prabasi generate extra revenue which helped Prabasi to organize
 different programs for the benefit of the community. If you have any
opinions please feel free to contact any Board Member.

Last year during Durga Puja and in several other events  we announced
that in 2009 we will be hosting the third Banga Sammelan. We are
determined to present the best conference ever - whether it is in the
selection of artists, innovative program design, facilities and
services, or even just a pleasurable experience..
For this we have to start planning right now!  Point in reference: 
Facility  booking needed to be done so much in advance that we have
booked  the San Jose Convention Center immediately to secure the dates
of July 2,3,4 - 2009 for the event.  However, it is not just the
facility planning, rather a multitude of other activities need to be
started now. So we cannot afford to wait.

Calendars of topnotch performers fill up years in advance. 
Fundraising and Publicity require planning and execution just as much
as team building and coordination do.  All these activities are also
time consuming. This is an exciting opportunity that comes around once
in a decade.  We just have to get it right.  For that, we need to get
together a team of enthusiast with understanding, vision, creative
talent, and pure adrenaline.  This team would comprise of a group of
outstanding individuals who can create a dream and then transform it
into reality.
We'd like to invite you on to this team. If you are interested to be
part of this great event, please send us an email. We are in the
process of forming the first steering committee by September 20th 2007
so that we can start the planning process. We will expand the steering
committee and form various activity committees as we progress. The
area of focus and committees to be formed in the order of priority are:

a)	Fund Raising 
b)	Publicity, Marketing and Communication
c)	Facility
d)	Performing Arts
e)	Finance
f)	Business Forum
g)	Film & Bengali Literature
h)	Booths and Exhibition
i)	Food & Hospitality

This is just the start.  Help us make this one of the most successful
Bengali conferences.  If you are interested to volunteer please send
an email to . 


- Chairman
Prabasi Board
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 09/12/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.