Subject: New Board, new leadership, new outlook
Dated: Apr 24, 2007
Dear Member,

Prabasi Board in its continuous endeavor to look for
new leadership has elected two very efficient and long
time Prabasi veterans in the leadership role.

Board has also decided to create a new position  for
continuity and for sharing leadership responsibility.
Board has introduced a new Vice Chairman position. The
new position will assist the chairman in conducting Board
proceedings and take the responsibility of
Chairmanship during the Chairman's absence. This will
enable the Board to function efficiently and will
avoid electing an acting chairman or a temp Chairman
in absence of the chairman. This will save lot of time
and board will continue to focus on other more
important issues like fund raising, serving members

We are proud to announce that The Board has elected a
new Chairman for Bay Area Prabasi.

Pradip Banerjee, a long time member of Prabasi will
be the Chairman of the Board.

Pradip has been a Prabasi member since 1983 and has
contributed to Prabasi in many ways. His major
contribution has been in fund raising and support.
Last year he was one of the highest fund raisers.

Pradip is a VP at Sony and will bring to the
Board many years of professional experience and
discipline. He has both an Engineering and a
Management background.

Pradip has also done many years of voluntary services
for other non-profit orgaisation including Sunnyvale
Hindu Temple. He is well respected in the community
both in Prabasi and outside.

Rana Bose will be the new Vice Chairman of Prabasi. He has been a
Prabasi member since its inception in 1979 and has consistently played
an active role in its functions over the years, and thus earned the
respect of the communnity as well as those associated with Prabasi.
He has been member of the Prabasi Board since 2001.  He
has been an active volunteer both here and in Europe where he was
associated with different events planned for the Bengali community.  He
has been a regular supporter of all the national North America Bengali
conventions for over ten years, and has also helped plan numerous
events outside of Prabasi to consistently promote a positive image of
Bengalis within the mainstream Indian and American community.

Rana Bose is General Manager and Senior Vice President of Belden CDT, a
multi billion dollar company and gloabal leader in fiber optics. He is
an entrepreneur, and one of the founder charter members of the
prestigious gloabl entrpreneurial organization, TiE. Rana is an active
member in the planning commitee for 2007 TiECon, a conference which
annually attract over 3,000 attendees. Rana is involved with numerous
non-profit ventures.  As a volunteer, he has played a leading role in
the establishment of the Bengali Intiative and Bangla Language program
at the University of Californnia at Berkeley.

We welcome Pradip and Rana in their new roles.


- Anupam Bagchi
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.

                                              Dated: 04/24/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.