Subject: Message from Chairman
Dated: May 28, 2007
Dear Member,

I would like to thank Prabasi Board for electing me as the Chairman. As I feel
very honored with this board decision, I also feel a heavy sense of
responsibility. After some deep thinking I have accepted this challenge. I have
committed myself to serve and guide Prabasi to attain its organizational goals.

I have been a Prabasi member for the last 25 years and I love this organization.
During all these years, Prabasi provided my family and me with the opportunity
to enjoy and cherish our rich Indian cultural heritage. Prabasi is the only
organization that has been consistently providing this cultural Diasporas to our
local Bay area Bengali community since last 30 years.

As a father of two lovely young daughters I have a responsibility to ensure that
my children get a balance exposure to both the mainstream and the Indian Culture
(esp. Bengali). I am sure that all parents will agree on this and we should
participate in making this happen. I would like to see Prabasi provides that
platform to our next generation.

Since my active participation in Prabasi board during the last 8 months, I
recognized that we face many challenges going forward. After some analysis and
discussions within the board and with some members, I have decided to focus on
the following key issues during the first year of my tenure:

    1) Build a dedicated, talented and willing to serve board.
    2) Web-site upgrade and update.
    3) Member's engagement in event planning.
    4) Reach out to next generation.
    5) Greater involvement in the community.
    6) Leverage Prabasi platform.
    7) Early planning of yearly events.
    8) Transparency of operation to members.

Over time as we move forward, I will be updating you on further details and our
progress on the above-mentioned items.

On the immediate basis I would like to focus on item#1 (Board of Directors) and
item#3 (Executive teams):

1.Board of Directors.

I would like to redefine the role of Board of Director (BOD). This would be
in line with other non-profit organizations. Along with legal, governance and
stewardship responsibilities, BOD's main role would be in fund-raising
activities and relationship building with sponsors & other organizations.
expenses come from membership dues. Rest must be raised through fund-raising in
the form of donations, advertisement, booths, sponsors, others. As Prabasi
strives to provide greater value to its members without increasing its
membership dues, fund-raising capability of board members become even more
critical. I would like to see each board member make personal commitment to
fund-raising to meet our budget goals.

BOD represents Prabasi at the highest level and therefore must be fully
committed to serve this organization. I would like to see BOD as individual who
understands and believes in Prabasi through long term association, willing to
serve the board in a professional manner, recognized by the members in some form
of leadership, earned respect of the community and has devoted time in volunteer
work during recent past. This is critical in my view, as only a strong board can
provide leadership to Prabasi.

2.     Executive Committee.

We will create executive teams who will be responsible for executing Prabasi
events. These teams will have broader authority to execute committee events. I
would like to see more member participation in these teams to make the events
richer and more enjoyable. I truly believe we have many capable and willing
Prabasi members for such activities provided they are given the authority. This
also provides opportunity for members to get some exposure on the management of
Prabasi's affair. I would strongly encourage each of you (young, old, new
members) to come forward and join these committees of your interest.

Following are some executive committees we are planning to form:
Membership and PR Committee
Cultural Committee
Puja Committee
Youth Committee

You will soon get notification regarding Board of Directors and Executive
Committee from us.

We also made few changes in the By-laws to make Prabasi more efficient. For
example we have introduced a new officer as Vice Chairman to assist the
Chairman. Rana Bose has been elected as Prabasi's Vice Chairman.

I would like to take one item at a time and make it happen. I believe in
execution. Vision without execution has no meaning. However, nothing can be
achieved without your help. Members are the most valuable assets of any
organization. Your participation and cooperation can only make this happen.

As a final reminder, I would also like to mention that Prabasi will be
celebrating Durga Puja on Oct 12, 13 and 14 at Chabot College this year.

I thank you all for supporting Prabasi (your organization). Feel free to give us
your suggestions. Together, we will continue our happy journey with Prabasi.

Sincere regards,

-Pradip Banerjee
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                             Dated: 05/28/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.