Subject: Prabasi mourns the passing away of illustrious community members
Dated: Jan 17, 2007
Dear Member,

Bay Area Prabasi mourns the passing away of some very illustrious
members of our Community:

Mrs. Bina Chaudhuri:

Mrs. Bina Chaudhuri or "Binadi", as she was affectionately called,
passed away peacefully in December,2006. She was the wife of Dr.
Haridas Chaudhuri, a prominent philosopher, educator, and humanist
from Bengal. Soon after their arrival in San Francisco in 1968, the
Chaudhuris established the Cultural Integration Fellowship, from which
has emerged the educational branch that is now known as the California
Institute of Integral Studies. In 1974, the first Saraswati Puja of
Bay Area Place took place in their ashram in San Francisco. The
Chaudhuris opened their hearts out to the community and offered to
host the first Durga Pujas and from then onwards, the official Prabasi
banner was unfolded. After the death of Dr. Chaudhuri, Binadi
continued to offer her love and support to Prabasi , and people of all
faiths and creeds religiously attended the Pujas fesivals at her San
Francisco residence. She played a great and important role in
Prabasi's history and it will even be appropriate to mention that
because of her benevolence, Prabasi was established. The Chaudhuris
will be remembered for being major contributors to the Bay Area
Community and their success in achieving the dream to revive
spirituality among the Westerners and other Asians.

Ramen Chatterjee:

Chairman of Bay Area Prabasi (1996-1997). A man of great virtue and
integrity, Ramenda was a harbinger of change, and under his leadership
many new and young leaders emerged in our Bengali community. He was
instrumental in reviving and inspiring a whole group of new
leadership. He believed in change and was a Chairman only for year
preferring not to continue but handing over the leadership to new people. 

His quiet demeanor and his inherited sophistication, made him a
popular leader. He always said that "leaders are not born but become
one when bestowed with responsibilities".

We will miss him and never forget the major contribution he made for
the betterment of Prabasi.

Debu Kar Choudhuri:

Debuda was one of the earliest members and avid supporter of Bay Area
Prabasi. He was one of those people who would always greet the 
organizers at the end of the show and congratulated them for their
hard work. Though he was an quiet man by nature, he never failed to
offer verbal advice and support to Prabasi. Debuda's contagious smile
and his encouragement will always be remembered.
- Bay Area Prabasi
Board and Members
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 01/17/2007
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.