Subject: Durga Puja 2006 on Sep 30 and Oct 1
Dated: Sep 04, 2006
Dear Member,

Durga Puja is approaching fast and we at Prabasi are working hard to
make it memorable to all our members. The preparations are in full
swing to make this the best experience so far for all of us.

We will be celebrating Durga Puja at Chabot Collge, Hayward on Sep 30
and Oct 1, 2006. Like every year we have invited many famous
performers from India. This year our main attraction will be Babul
Supriyo from Bombay and Rupankar from Kolkata. We will also have
Debojit of SaReGaMa Fame performing on Oct 1, 2006. For more updates
on Durga Puja celebration, please visit our Durga Puja 2006 web page
link below 
We are currently in the midst of membership renewal for the year
2006-2007. As you all understand, Prabasi is a member driven
organization and it runs on membership fees. Prabasi offers its
members access to various cultural activities, youth activities,
sports and other forums. Prabasi gives you an opportunity to stay
connected to our rich cultural heritage by organizing different events
throughout the year. The allocation of seats for any program is done
based on first come first serve basis. So please do not delay your
membership renewal, if you have been thinking about it for a while.
Membership rates for 2006-2007 are unchanged since last year. To get
the membership rates please point your browser to 
This year all regular members will be offered FREE dinner on Saturday
(Sep 30, 2006) if you renew your membership by Sep 20, 2006. Please
remember that for you to avail this offer, we should receive your
membership information by the end of day of Sep 20.


To get started with your membership renewal, click on the link below: removed...
and proceed to Paypal for payment.

Paypal does not work for Hotmail users. Thus you need to follow
different instructions as follows:

1. Note down your membership number and renewal code given below on a
piece of paper (or copy and paste it on your text editor):

Membership number: ...removed...
Renewal code: ...removed...

2. Then close and exit out of your browser. Open a fresh instance of
your browser again and type (do not click this link): 
3. Next type your membership number and renewal code on fields one and
three on this page. Then proceed to confirm your registration details
and pay normally via Paypal.

We are also collecting articles for this year's Shankha magazine, to
be published during Durga Puja 2006. If you are interested in writing
or have a friend who might be, please fax your article to our Shankha
editor Sunil Ghosh at (415)369 0894 or email him at
Please send in your articles before Sep 15, 2006. Anything sent after
this date cannot be guaranteed for this year's publication.

As I have already informed you earlier in one of my previous emails,
this year we have introduced an Executive Committee to Prabasi
Organization structure, to work closely with the Board of Directors.
We open the door to all of our members to join the Executive
Committee, in their preferred functional area, and share the privilege
and responsibility to run this huge organization.

Please call or email anyone of the board members if you feel you can
add value to Prabasi and mention the functional area you are
interested in. Needless to say that anyone who wants to join the
Executive Committee, have to be a current member. Members who have
already joined the Executive Committee are listed in the following
We have an open position in the Prabasi Board, for which the existing
Board of Directors will nominate a person for one year. If you are
interested to apply for this position, please fill the nomination form
in the following link 
and fax it to my attention at (443) 644 0499 by Sep 9, 2006 midnight.

Wishing you good fortune, health and happiness in 2006-2007.


- Dolon Das
General Secretary
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.

                                              Dated: 09/04/2006
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.