Subject: New Board of Directors and forthcoming Durga Puja
Dated: Jul 23, 2006
Dear Member,

We have just finished nominating our five new board members for
Prabasi for the year 2006-2007. Its our pleasure to inform you that we
got overwhelming response this time from the members to fill in the
five vacant positions. It was difficult for the rest of the Board
members and took a while to decide on the appropriate candidates.
Ultimately, after prolonged discussion and debate, the decision was
made by a completely confidential voting process.

I am pleased to announce the five newly nominated board members, who are:
       Pradeep Bannerjee
       Ronen Bose
       Reema Mukherjee
       Manas Chakraborty
       Anjan Tarafder

Welcome aboard the new board members, we are honored to have you with us.

Since Prabasi Board has always encouraged members in the past to
participate in the board and share the responsibility to run the
organization and we've got such wonderful response, we did not want to
lose the members who could not make it to the board this time. We
realize that each one of you in the community can make tremendous
contribution to our own organization and we should provide opportunity
for people contributing even from outside the board. This has resulted
expansion of the Prabasi organization structure and form the Executive
Committee. We open the door to all of our members to join the
Executive Committee in their preferred functional area, and share the
privilege and responsibility to run this huge organization. The
structure of the Executive Committee is as follows:

Fund raising
Cultural - Children programs 
Cultural - Adult programs  
Youth forum 
Event management and execution (includes the following)
         Event Coordination and scheduling 
         Pujo Decoration 
         Pujo arrangement 
         Facilities arrangement 
         Registration Desk 
         Food arrangement and distribution 
         Stage management 

Please call or email anyone of the board members if you feel you can
add value to Prabasi and mention the functional area you are
interested in. Needless to say that anyone who wants to join the
Executive Committee, have to be a current member.

Once the new board starts functioning in full strength, we will select
our new chairman and communicate to our members shortly. Since Durga
puja is only couple of months away, this is the most critical time of
the year for Prabasi.  The board members have already started putting
efforts and we want all our members to come forward and help in
whatever way possible to make the puja a huge success. I can assure
you that your effort will be definitely recognized.

- Dolon Das
Acting Chairman
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 07/23/2006
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.