Subject: Nomination for Board of Directors - 5 open positions
Dated: Jun 25, 2006
Dear Member,

As you are aware from our past communications, after the election of
Prabasi Board of Directors, we had three vacant positions for
nominated candidates. Since afterwards two of the continuing board
members Anuradha Ray and Subha Dutta  had stepped down, as a result
currently the Board has 5 open positions for nomination. The existing
Directors will nominate candidates for these open positions. The term
limit for each of these 5 positions is 1 year. If you are interested
in joining the Prabasi Board for 1 year, please complete the following
nomination form and fax it to us. 
If we receive more than 5 applications, the Board will vote and decide
on the candidates. 

The nomination Form, duly completed and signed by two present members,
should be faxed to my attention at 443-644-0499 on or before July 7,
2006. Please make sure to list your contributions to Prabasi in the
past years (statements like "past board member", "worked as volunteer"
are not acceptable).

- Dolon Das
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 06/25/2006
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.