Subject: Prabasi Children's Talent Competition
Dated: Jan 24, 2006
Dear Member,

Calling all kids! Calling all Kids!
We know you have talents galore!
Get your friends and put an act together
The stage awaits your spectacular show!

If you have a talent that you would like to share and maybe win a
prize, we have just the show for you. On Saturday, Feb 4th, 2006 at
the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple - main auditorium, Prabasi will be having a
children's talent show competition during Saraswati Puja 2006.

Please send us your name, age, talent category (see list below),
duration of your act, and 1 line about yourself - how long have you
learnt this talent, do you like this talent and if yes, why. Email the
information to Sushmita Datta at
with subject 'Saraswati Puja 2005 Talent Registration' soon. The last
date to register is Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2006

Here are the Talent Categories:

Solo only:           Age group: 2-5
Group(of 2 or more): Age group: 6-9 (Solo allowed for recitation)
                     Age group: 10-16 (Solo allowed for recitation)

NOTE: This year we are limiting the talent acts to groups so that we
can accommodate as many children as possible. Only special requests of
solo for older age groups will be honored, based on the decision of
the Talent Show Coordinators. Also, on-site sign-ups will not be

Talent categories (all timings are from set-up to finish -- set-up
includes tuning of instruments, set-up of music CD. NOTE: Microphone
adjustment is not included in the contestant's performance time)

Solo Song -    3 minutes
Group Song -  10 minutes
Solo Dance -   5 minutes
Group dance - 10 minutes
Solo Recitation -   3 minutes
Group Musical instruments - 10 minutes
(violin, flute, guitar, trumpet, keyboard, Tabla, Sitar etc)

Cost for non-members: $ 5 per solo and $ 10 per group

Children's program will start on Saturday exactly at 3:00pm in the
main auditorium. Parents and performers need to report backstage
between 2:30pm-2:40pm. If CDs or Cassettes need to be played, please
bring them with your name and the performance item written on it.

Honoring Children:
If your children have done something remarkable for the local
community or outside US, we would like to honor them on stage before
the talent show. Developing leadership skills at an early stage of
their lives is a sure step to a successful life and we would like to
show them that the community is proud of them.

Exchanging college information

All College bound seniors are requested to come and give a 1 minute
speech to the audience on what they would recommend to middle and high
school students to prepare for admission to a good college.

All college-going students are requested to come and give a 1 minute
speech on what to expect in the first year of college.


- Sushmita Datta
Bay Area Prabasi

                                              Dated: 01/24/2006
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.