Subject: Durga Puja 2005 update
Dated: Oct 14, 2005
Dear Member,

Durga Puja is just round the corner and we at Prabasi are working hard
to make it memorable and enjoyable for all our members. We will be
celebrating Durga Puja with great pomp and show on Oct 15 and 16 at
Chabot College Hayward. You will find more details of the programs at
the following link: 
As always you will have the company of good friends, good food and
good music all through the puja weekend.

There has been a change in the cultural program. Though Abhijeet’s P-3
visa was approved by Dept. of Homeland Security couple of weeks ago,
the original approval paper did not reach us till Oct 12 due to
clerical mistake at the immigration office. US consulate at Mumbai
refused to stamp Visa approval without the original paper. Despite our
best efforts to speedily redress the situation caused by the new
strict requirements of the US consulate, we were unable to procure a
visa for Abhijeet till yesterday. Abhijeet will therefore not be able
to perform at Durga Puja 2005. We will make an announcement of the
rescheduled date when all papers are final. We will also issue new
tickets since the old tickets will not be valid. For a refund, please
call the person from whom you purchased the ticket.

We hope you will enjoy the festivities and also the company of other
like-minded families and friends at the congregation. If you have any
questions about Prabasi, please feel to visit one of our booths where
Prabasi volunteers will make every effort to answer your queries. We
sincerely apologize for this inconvenience caused by the delay in
scheduling Abhijeet’s program.

- Board of Directors
Bay Area Prabasi

                                              Dated: 10/14/2005
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.