Subject: Prabasi's new outlook
Dated: Sep 08, 2005
Dear Member,

Durga Puja is only a month away. We are looking forward to Oct.15 and
16,2005 filled with religious and joyous activities. Our board of
directors is working very hard to make this event a great success as
in previous years. The success of an event like this is possible due
to the great support we receive from you, our members, and we expect
your continual support this year also.

Please become a member as soon as possible so that we can plan our
budget to organize cultural programs by professional and local
artists, to the greatest satisfaction of our members. You may renew
your membership from the URL below:
..removed for security..

We have three new directors, Anuradha Ray, Subha Dutta and Gopa
Chatterjee-Roy, who have joined the Prabasi Board recently. They bring
new energy, new ideas and new enthusiasm. They are highly motivated
and ready to work very hard. We are all looking forward to working
with them.

Many of you are familiar with Anuradha who has taken leadership roles
for Prabasi in the past and has contributed in several ways to the
cultural activities of Prabasi. She was the co-chairperson with
Prasenjit Biswas for NABC 99 and was instrumental in planning all the
cultural events leading to a memorable and successful conference.
Subha has made many contributions to the Bengalee Community in the
past. She has held many responsible and leadership positions in
Prabasi. For the last twenty-five years she had been running a
Bengalee School in the East Bay for our children. She will bring her
exciting and special ideas for the activities of our children. Many of
you may be quite familiar with the contributions Gopa has made in our
community. She has volunteered her time during Durga Puja and Kali
Puja for many years. Her contribution in sports events organized by
Prabasi is well recognized and appreciated. The inclusion of these new
members has made the board even more resourceful. They come from
different parts of the Bay Area and hence people from various sectors
are better represented.

It is extremely important to have new members join the Prabasi board
from time to time. They always add a new dimension to the thinking
process of the organization and certainly contribute to the pool of
new leaders.

Recently Prabasi has taken a major step to revise its 30-year old
constitution. A special committee comprising of mostly senior members
with long standing interest in Prabasi recommended some significant
changes in the constitution that the Board has accepted in the best
interest of Prabasi. There was a common perception that our Chairman
gets elected for a "never-ending term". The committee felt that this
perception forbids potential new leaders from coming forward. In order
to change that perception, Prabasi has adopted term-limits for the
tenure of the Chairman. This policy does not apply to the members of
the board. The newly amended version of the constitution is available
in the Prabasi Web page.

In my next letter I will be sending you more information regarding
specific cultural activities during Durga Puja. You will find them
highly exciting and unique.

With best wishes,

Aloke Chatterjee
- Acting Chairman,
Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
                                              Dated: 09/08/2005
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.