Subject: Durga Puja Announcement and Membership Renewal
Dated: Aug 31, 2005
Dear Member,

The following is a letter from the present Prabasi Chairman, Dr. Aloke

It is with great pleasure I am seeking this opportunity to send all of
you my sincere greetings and an important message as an acting
chairman of Prabasi.  I accepted this position because I consider
Prabasi serves an important function in our community and appreciated
by our members throughout the Bay Area.  My goal is to see how we can
further enhance and direct its activities for even greater
appreciation and more friendly organization.  Being an active member
since its inception, I have a very special sense of belonging to
Prabasi and I will continue to make contributions according to my
capabilities.  My most important message and appeal to our members is
to get involved with the major activities of Prabasi, suggest ideas
from time to time and guide Prabasi in a direction that will bring
appreciable benefits to our community members.  Let us all unite and
work together.  I will personally seek help from many of you in the
near future so that I can serve Prabasi in the best possible way.

I have a great respect and appreciation for those who contribute to
Prabasi in many different ways.  They donate their personal time for
all of us.  One such person has been Surajit Sengupta, our outgoing
chairman.  He took initiatives in bringing dhaki from Kolkata during
our Durga Puja celebration. He took a great initiative in bringing
important changes in our thirty-year old constitution that will guide
Prabasi to be responsive to modern day challenges. He paid special
attention to our children by promoting the quiz contests for them.
Surajit will continue to be active in many of the Prabasi activities.
Because of the term limitations some of our board members will be
leaving us. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Shyamal
Choudhury, Susweta Mukherjee and Sandeep Dey. Their dedications and
hard work will never be forgotten.  Shyamal has contributed in so many
different ways that it will be difficult to find his replacement.   I
also want to thank our past treasurer, Susweta Mukherjee whose
dedication and sincerity have contributed to the new excellence of the
management of Prabasi funds. Sandeep has also contributed
significantly in several ways. He never took things for granted and
brought in new challenges for a better management of Prabasi

We have three new board of directors and they are Gopa Dey, Anuradha
Ray and Subha Dutta. We welcome them and look forward to their
participations and contributions.

Additionally, we want to create an executive committee that will be
dedicated to all the events that Prabasi will organize.  Sushmita
Dutta has gracefully accepted the position of President of this very
important committee.  Some of you have suggested us to create an
advisory board that will consist of past and experienced leaders in
the community and we are actively considering this suggestion.

Wish you and your family the best,

Sincerely Yours,

Aloke Chatterjee
- Acting Chairman,
Bay Area Prabasi Inc.


Bay Area Prabasi cordially invites you to renew your membership for
the new fiscal year 2005-2006.

Here is what we have in store for the coming year.


Major activities for the year 2005-2006

  * Durga Puja on Oct 15 and 16:

  The grand event of the year promises to bring the Sharodiya joys to
  the Bay Area. While seeking Ma Durga’s blessings with the familiar
  sounds of Dhak and Mahalaya. Come partake the delights of a rich
  cultural program from professional and highly talented local

    - We will have reputed Mumbai playback singer Abhijeet performing
    on Oct 15 with a live band comprising of 7 musicians.

    - On Oct 16, the famous Bangla Band from Kolkata, Chandrabindoo
    with their team of 8 musicians will put on a 2 hour show.
    Chandrabindoo represents the current trend of modern music in

    - Famous Oddisi dancer, Sutapa Talukdar will also perform on Oct

    - Local programs include Mahalaya (Oct. 15) and  Tagore’s dance
    drama Chitrangada (Oct. 16).

  A detailed schedule will be sent later via email and also posted on
  our web-page

  Note: This year Durga Puja will be celebrated on Oct.15 & 16 in
  Chabot College. We had originally planned to have the Puja on Oct.8
  & 9 but even after initially promising us the dates, Chabot College
  forced us to change them.  We tried to book Sunnyvale Temple for
  Oct.8 and but that also failed. We were left with no choice but to
  celebrate it on Oct.15 & 16.

  * Saraswati Puja: The focus as in the past years will be on the
  children and youth. They will be given a platform to showcase our
  culture, customs and traditions.

  * Annual Day/Cultural Program¦ Sports - Cricket, Table tennis,
  Badminton, Bridge tournaments etc.

Prabasi will continue to organize numerous sports and children's
activities during this period and all information pertaining to these
activities will be emailed to our members from time to time. Various
other Prabasi sponsored events will be announced during the year, when
special discounted price on tickets will be made available to our

Just like in the previous years Prabasi will continue to provide a
high level of service and commitment to our community with respect to
programs, facilities, food service, event management, and above all,
to ensure good quality programs by way of entertainment.

The Prabasi Board urges you to extend your commitment to Prabasi by
renewing your membership before the end of September in order to be
able to put our plans into action quickly and efficiently. We invite
you to be a part of the Bay Area Bengali community. We solicit your
support and request for you to become a patron. We welcome all our
members to step forward in volunteering their skills and efforts for
the betterment of theorganization.

Membership rates for 2005-2006 are unchanged since last year and can
be found at 
Many members in the past have donated generously in order for us to
meet the high cost of organizing various events. We will appreciate if
more members come forward and contribute generously, over and above
the membership fees listed above.


You may renew your membership for 2004-2005 by just clicking on the
URL below. 
and give your registration number and your renewal code as follows:

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Then press "Renew my membership" and proceed to calculate your
membership amount and pay through your Paypal account. You may
use a credit-card or eCheck.

Your expected discounted membership fees is: USD 210.00

Special discounted rates are available for early registrants till Oct
2, 2005.

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster
                                              Dated: 08/31/2005
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.