Subject: Call for application for Prabasi Board of Directors
Dated: Jul 27, 2005
Dear Member,

Bay Area Prabasi is announcing that there are 5
vacancies this year for the position of Prabasi's
Board-of-Director. In order to implement the staggered
terms, out of the 5 available positions, the Board has
nominated Dr. Alok Chatterjee to be the Director of
Board for one year. Election will be held for 4 more

After several discussions and reasoning the Prabasi
Board has decided to hold the election on Sep 3, 2005.
The venue and time of the election will be sent to you
in a later email. Members are hereby requested to fill
in the Election/Nomination Form available on the web
If you are interested to serve as a Director in Bay
Area Prabasi, you must apply after reading the
pre-qualifications and commitments needed to become a
Board of Director. They are listed in the
above-mentioned form. Please note that apart from the
general qualifications listed in the form, we are
looking for Directors who have the ability to raise
funds for Prabasi.

The Election Form, duly signed by two members, should
be filled up and
faxed to Dr.Alok Chatterjee, Fax : 925-672-6516 on or
before 15th August, 2005.


Dolon Das
Secretary, Bay Area Prabasi.
                                              Dated: 07/27/2005
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.