Subject: Relief for Tsunami victims in India
Dated: Dec 29, 2004
Dear Member,

Bay Area Prabasi would like to appeal to the members for charitable
contributions for supporting relief and rehabilitation efforts in
response to the massive and devastating tidal waves that have affected
parts of South Asia. This is a very sad time for all the countries
that were hit by the recent tsunamis resulting from the largest
earthquake to strike the planet in 40 years, and one of the deadliest
ever. One hundred percent of your contribution will be sent to the
Prime Ministerís Fund in India through the Indian Consulate office in
San Francisco.

Contributions to Prabasi can be made through secure on-line credit-
card deductions from Prabasiís website (, where
further details and updates will be posted later. Please indicate that
your contribution is for the "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund". In the
meanwhile, checks payable to "Bay Area Prabasi, Inc." can be mailed to

Bay Area Prabasi Inc.,
PO Box 2116,
Fremont, CA 94536

Bay Area Prabasi once again requests the community to donate
significant amounts so that prompt relief and an enduring
rehabilitation effort for affected people are possible at the


Bay Area Prabasi team.

                                              Dated: 12/29/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.