Subject: Durga Puja is this week-end
Dated: Oct 14, 2004
Dear Member,

You are invited to attend our Durga Puja at Chabot College beginning
on Friday Oct 15 running upto Sunday October 17,2004. Please come with
your family and friends to enjoy Protima Darshan, Khichuri Bhog on
Saturday and Prasad with no obligation. We also have a pack of
entertainment programs from Friday thru Sunday. Our Durga Puja web-
site at

has all the details about schedule, programs and venue. Cultural
programs are free for all members. Non-members can also see the
cultural programs with tickets. We have attractive package options for
the three days of puja.

Below is a short summary of the programs.


1. Shreya Ghosal winner of many awards, the voice in Devdas and Jism,
   will be performing with a band from Mumbai on Saturday (Oct 16)
   from 8:00pm. Come dance the night away.

2. Shrikanta Acharya, whose soft, soothing music takes us on a dreamy
   cruise far from this world of realties will be performing on Sunday
   (Oct 17) from 4:00pm with musicians from Kolkata.

3. Sampan - a group of known musicians from the Bay Area will take
   you on a musical journey on Friday (Oct 15) from 9:30pm. Sampan
   will take you through a tour of the rich history of Bengali music
   from folk, rabi thakurer gaan, adhunik to the graffiti of urban
   folk and contemporary music

4. Arna Seal - a renowned sociologist and wife of Srikanta Acharya,
   will be conducting a workshop for children called 'Amader Pujo' on
   Saturday (Oct 16) from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

5. Mahalaya - will be performed by group of talented local artists on
   Friday Oct 15 from 7:45 pm to 9:00pm.


    * We have an authentic Dhaki from Bengal - Ranjan Das.  Feel the
      passion of the pulsating beats of the Dhaki as he heralds the
      advent of Ma Durga.

    * Free Khichuri for all (members and non-members) on Saturday.
      Come with friends and family and share in the day's fun and

    * Children's art competition. Draw posters with theme -- 'Durga
      Puja with a touch of Fall' and bring it to the Puja to decorate
      the Puja Grounds. Winners get great prizes!

    * Children's talent show  on Oct 16. With a friend or two, show us
      your talents on an outdoor stage.


   Performing Arts Center
   Chabot College
   25555 Hesperian Blvd.
   Hayward, CA 94545

Chabot College Performing Arts Center is centrally located in the San
Francisco East Bay Area south of Oakland (in Hayward) near the
intersection of Hwy. 880 and Hwy 92 West (San Mateo Bridge).

Friday, October 15th: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Saturday, October 16th: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, October 17th: Free
Parking Permit Fees: $2.00 (do not forget to bring change)

Please purchase your permit ticket from dispensers located in parking
lots and display it face up, visible from outside the vehicle. Prabasi
will not be responsible for any citation or tow-away of the vehicle


Please visit for the latest schedule.


The October Newsletter from Prabasi Youth members is online now.
Please visit to see the latest
October newsletter.

We are eager to see you on Friday at Hayward.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 10/14/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.