Subject: Highlights of Durga Puja 2004
Dated: Sep 30, 2004
Dear Member,

Durga Puja is just round the corner. We will be celebrating Durga Puja
with great pomp and show from Oct 15 to Oct 17 at Chabot College
Hayward. Please ensure that you have your calendar marked for that

As the deadline for getting your discount membership tickets
approaches on Oct 2nd, 2004, let us remind you of the highlights of
this year's Puja:

    * We have an authentic Dhaki from Bengal - Ranjan Das.  Feel the
      passion of the pulsating beats of the Dhaki as he heralds the
      advent of Ma Durga.

    * Free Khichuri for all (members and non-members) on Saturday.
      Come with friends and family and share in the day's fun and adda.

    * Enchanting performance of Mahalaya on Friday Oct 15, by talented
      local artists.

    * SAMPAN on Oct 15. Enjoy an unique performance by SamPan - a
      local band as they tour the rich history of Bengali music from
      folk, rabi thakurer gaan, adhunik to the graffiti of urban folk
      and contemporary music.

    * Children's art competition. Draw posters with theme -- 'Durga
      Puja with a touch of Fall' and bring it to the Puja to decorate
      the Puja Grounds. Winners get great prizes!

    * Children's talent show  on Oct 16. With a friend or two, show us
      your talents on an outdoor stage.

    * Children's Workshop - 'Amader Pujo'  for 6-9 year of age done by
      Arna Seal from Kolkata. Hurry up and register your child.

    * Enchanting music from Shreya Goshal on  Oct 16 - winner of many
      awards, the voice in Devdas and Jism. Come dance the night away.

    * Srikanta Acharya on  Oct 17 - whose soft, soothing music takes
      us on a dreamy cruise far from this world of realties

You will find more details of the programs at the following link: 
As always you will have the company of good friends, good food and
good music all through the puja weekend.

In case you still need to renew your membership, or to upgrade your
membership to a Donor member, please click on the link below to
start. Donor members have many benefits as can be found on 
Your membership renewal (or upgrade) URL is below: 
Please visit the Prabasi Durga Puja web-site to see more details of
the schedule, venue and details of the cultural program.


If you are charismatic, poised, armed with quick wit and posses a
terrific voice, Prabasi needs your help as master of ceremonies during
our Durga Puja 2004. We need at least 5 Emcees  for the entire
duration of Durga Puja, Oct 15 - Oct 17th. Please contact Sushmita
Datta at Here's your chance to impress thousands
with your oratory prowess. Come help make this Puja the best ever.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 09/30/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.