Subject: Durga Puja 2004
Dated: Sep 22, 2004
Dear Member,

Prabasi invites you to attend Durga Puja 2004 from Oct 15 to 17, 2004
at Chabot College, Hayward. We have numerous cultural programs
performed by artists from Mumbai, Kolkata and the Bay Area. In
addition we have a children's talent show and a workshop for children
by Arna Seal. To summarize, here are the main attractions:

  1. Shreya Ghosal will be performing with a band from Mumbai on
  Saturday (Oct 16) from 8:00pm.

  2. Shrikanta Acharya, with musicians from Kolkata will be performing
  on Sunday (Oct 17) from 4:00pm.

  3. Sampan - a group of known musicians from the Bay Area will take
  you on a musical journey on Friday (Oct 15) from 9:30pm.

  4. Arna Seal - a renowned sociologist and wife of Srikanta Acharya,
  will be conducting a workshop for children called 'Amader Pujo' on
  Saturday (Oct 16) from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. See below for registration

There are lots of other details that you must see to get the complete
picture. Please visit our Durga Puja site:


This is also a reminder for all those who have not renewed their
membership that the last date for getting the discounted rate is
Oct 2, 2004. The allocation of good seats for the professional
programs is done based on who renews their membership first. So please
do not delay your membership renewal, if you have been thinking about
it for a while. It is easy to get started. Please visit to begin. You will also find a direct
link to your account in one of our earlier emails.


To join the workshop by Arna Seal you must register by Sep 30. We have
three kinds of programs for children.

1. Art competition - We are looking to decorate the Chabot College
from 15th to the 17th with posters from you. The theme is ‘Durga Puja
with a touch of Fall’ but be creative. Remember that every poster will
be displayed on campus for 3 days, so you definitely want to do your
best. To get your poster to us, come to Chabot College on Friday
evening or Saturday morning and leave it at the registration desk.
Posters will be judged at school level: Primary K - 3rd, Elementary -
4th-5th, Middle School 6th-8th and High School 9th-12th. There will be
a winner at every level and a runner up.

2. An outdoor children’s talent show for all ages. On Saturday, 16th
October, we will have a talent show. This time, the talent show will
display team work. NO MORE SOLOS. We need you to team up with at least
one more person to perform at the talent show. You can do a dance,
sing songs together, perform a 3-minute skit. At least 2 participants
per performance. The talent show will be from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm. To
participate, you have to register via email by Oct 13th. The subject
of the email should say: ‘Children’s talent show’. You can participate
in both, - the talent and the ‘Amader Pujo’ (see below) but email
Sushmita Datta separately for each at:

3. An exclusive indoor children’s workshop for 6-9 year olds only,
given by Arna Seal from Kolkata. The objective of this interactive
workshop is to take you through an experiential journey that brings
out the essence of Pujo, as perceived and experienced by you, and
helping construct an understanding of the festival in your own terms
amid the diversity of sub-cultures that you grow up in. The workshop
will be on Saturday, Oct 16th from 3:00 - 6:00 at Chabot College,
behind the auditorium. To enroll in the workshop, you have to register
by emailing Sushmita Datta at:     We need your
name, age, grade, The subject of the email should say: ‘Registration
for Amader Pujo workshop’.

Directions to reach Chabot College and a schedule for the programs,
pujo and anjali are all given at 

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 09/22/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.