Subject: Membership renewal for 2004-2005
Dated: Sep 02, 2004
Dear Member,

Bay Area Prabasi cordially invites you to renew your membership for
the new fiscal year 2004-2005. Here is what we have in store for the
coming year.


    * Major activities for the year 2004-2005
        - Durga Puja: The grand event of the year promises to bring
          the Sharodiya joys to the Bay Area. While seeking Ma Durga’s
          blessings with the familiar sounds of Dhak and Mahalaya,
          come partake the delights of a rich cultural program from
          artists like Shreya Ghoshal and Srikanto Acharya, a
          professional drama from Kolkata followed by performances by
          the local artistes. Detailed schedule will be announced
        - Kali Puja: The time of the year to celebrate and socialize.
          The emphasis will be on the social community.
        - Saraswati Puja: The focus as in the past years will be on
          the children and youth. They will be given a platform to
          showcase our culture, customs and traditions.
        - Annual Day/Annual Picnic: A time for fun-n-frolic, some
          outdoor air, some zesty food and a lot of zeal, with
          performances by artists from bay area.

    * Sports -  Cricket, Table tennis, Badminton, Bridge tournaments

    * Prabasi will continue to organize numerous sports and children
    activities during this period and all information pertaining to
    these activities will be emailed to our members from time to time.

    * Prabasi is creating a business forum, to enable Bengalis to
    network within the community.

    * Various other Prabasi sponsored events will be announced to our
    members throughout the year, where special discounted pricing on
    tickets will be available for our members.

This year Prabasi has charted a new vision to help continue our past
accomplishments and provide a high level of service and commitment to
our community with respect to programs, facilities, food service,
event management, and above all, to ensure good quality programs by
way of entertainment. We have elected Mrs.Sushmita Dutta as the
President of Prabasi; a position recreated this year. We also have two
new elected Directors, Dr.Subrata Dey & Mr.Sandeep Dey, and we are
also proud to announce that Dr.Alok Chatterjee has accepted the
nomination as a Director of the Board. We would also like to thank our
two outgoing Directors Ms.Angira Dey and Ms.Shompa Bhattacharya for
their outstanding contribution to Bay Area Prabasi.

The Prabasi Board urges you to extend your commitment to Prabasi by
renewing your membership before the end of September to be able to put
our plans into action quickly and efficiently. We invite you to be
part of the Bay Area Bengali community. We solicit your support and
patronage. We welcome all of our members to step forward in
volunteering their skills and efforts for the betterment of the

Membership rates for 2004-2005 are unchanged since last year. To get
the membership rates please point your browser to You will also receive a separate personalized email explaining how you
can renew your membership online. Also, look for a membership renewal
form in your snail mailbox this week.

Wishing you good fortune, health and happiness in 2004-2005.


- Surajit Sengupta
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi

                                              Dated: 09/02/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.