Subject: Bengal Month: Call for Essays
Dated: Jul 16, 2004
Dear Member,

The ICC (Indian Community Center) Milpitas,  in their "Journey through
India" project for the year 2004-2005, have assigned the Month of
August as Bengal Heritage month. There will be a Bengal Day on 29th
August when Bengalis will serve Bengali food, perform Bengali dances
and songs and be an ICC host for all visitors to ICC.

The following is a message from Sushmita Dutta for all youth members
regarding the event:

Calling on all youth in the Bay area! Here's an exceptional chance for
you to show the people of California, the rich and diverse heritage of
Bengali culture through the eyes of children.

We need art work, essays or poetry from you.


Your work can include Bengal's Landmarks, music, theatre, sports or
famous people such as Vivekananda, Tagore, Satyajit Ray, Mother Teresa
and many others.

Please note a very important requirement: Make it interesting and eye-
catching.  Do your very best. Limit essays and poetry to one page
please (Times New Roman font size 12) Bring it to ICC Milpitas after
July 27th and leave it with front desk, Attn:Sushmita Datta Mashi.
You can also email it to me at

The earlier you bring it, the more people will get to see it and
admire it.

Also, two submissions (the best ones) will be chosen to be read aloud
or displayed at the auditorium on Aug 29th on Bengal Month Day. You
will also get a trophy.

- Sushmita Mashi

- Anupam Bagchi

                                              Dated: 07/16/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.