Subject: Bengal Month in August 2004
Dated: Jun 04, 2004
Dear Member,

The ICC (Indian Community Center) Milpitas, in their 'Journey through
India' project for the year 2004-2005, are assigning month-long
celebrations to  different states of India. During that month, you can
decorate sections of ICC with special items from your state. Bengal
have been assigned the 'Month of August' as tour heritage month. There
will be a Bengal Day on 29th August when Bengalis will serve Bengali
food, perform Bengali dances and songs and be an ICC host for all
visitors to ICC.

Calling on all Bengalis in the Bay area to unite here in Silicon
Valley. Here's an exceptional chance for the Bengali Community to
introduce to the people of California, the rich and diverse heritage
of Bengali culture.

We need to help to make the ICC Bengali Month a memorable experience
for generations to come. Let us bring forth Bengal's unsurpassed
treasury of art, literature, music, food, clothes and movies and
celebrate it this summer at ICC Milpitas.

We need volunteers to help us. Group leaders in each division will
direct the volunteers.

   1. Decoration - For the entire month and for the Bengal Day event.
   For more information,  please contact Sushmita Datta at:
   408-268-7110 or email at:

   2. Cultural Program - This will take place on 29th August. For more
   information contact Sushmita Bhatacharya at

   3. Food - Bengali food will be sold at ICC on August 29th. If you
   are interested in having a food booth, contact Bibek Ghosh at

   4. Marketing - Technical Presentation on 29th, flyers, banners. If
   you wish to volunteer, please contact Surajit Sengupta at

   5. Hosts - We will need the teens and Young Adult groups to come
   forward on this. If you are between the ages 13 - 25 and wish to
   volunteer, please contact Sushmita Datta Mashi at: 408-268-7110 or
   email at:

   6. Set-up and Strike - Set up on July 30 and 31. Strike on Aug
   31st. We will need everyone to help out in this area.

Best regards.
- Prabasi Administration

                                              Dated: 06/04/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.