Subject: Cricket Tournament in September
Dated: Jun 01, 2004
Dear Member,

Bay Area Prabasi is holding its second Cricket tournament this year in
Milpitas in the month of September. This year the cricket tournament
will be bigger and better than its inaugural year with games spanning
over two full weekends.

DATES: September 18th,
       September 19th,
       September 25th and
       September 26th, 2004.

VENUE: High school ground in Milpitas which is also home to the Indus
Cricket Club and is already been booked for the above days.

LEAGUE SYSTEM: This year, the cricket tournament will be held in the
league form with each team playing at least 2 to 3 games depending on
the number of teams entered. The number of teams entered will be from
4 to 6. Each league game will be 25 overs-a-side and there will be 2
matches each day. The grand finale will be on September 26th and will
be a 30-over-a-side game.

PRIZES: The winning team and the runners up will win team trophies and
all the team players from the top two teams will win special mementos.

ENTRY FEES: There is an entry fee of $20 per participant. This is to
pay for the ground, scoreboard, prizes, balls, boundary cones, chalks,
water and other misc items.


The final deadline to put your name in to participate is June 15,
2004. You can enter your name to play by sending email to the contact
mentioned below. The entry fees will be due at the time of entry.

Please copy and paste the form below and email to Anu Mitra at   to register your entry

Notice: The inclusion in the teams will be on a first come first
served basis. The playing fees are due on your confirmation on a team.

Telephone Number (evening):

By submitting this form I agree to pay $20 as playing fees.

This event expects families to join in the fun and cheer the teams. So
put on your whites and bring your high spirits to two electrifying

Best regards.
- Prabasi Administration

                                              Dated: 06/01/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.