Subject: Inaugural newsletter by Prabasi youth
Dated: Jan 21, 2004
Dear Member,

With the involvement of Prabasi youth we have started a fortnightly
newsletter on current events. This inaugural newsletter has a very
interesting beginning. This will be a totally managed and edited by
Prabasi's youth. This will be a great opportunity for our next
generation members to get involved and contribute towards our
community. It's also  time for Prabasi to form a Youth committee where
youth of Prabasi will get leadership, educational and civic
opportunities. They will also open the lines of communication between
Board and and Prabasi's second generation. Youths of Prabasi will
provide social events that are safe and fun for the community. We see
a need in our community. That need is more youth involvement in our

Rishi Dasgupta, a tenth grader in Cupertino High has taken on the
responsibility to drive this project. Rishi will soon be instituting
an editorial Board where kids can join and make this newsletter fun
and educational. Any feedback on the newsletter can be sent directly
to Rishi at

I will urge our members to encourage our kids to get involved in
Prabasi activities.

Thanks for you continued patronage.

The newsletter can be accessed by clicking on the following link: 
Best wishes, and see you all in Saraswati Puja on Jan 31. Details
about Saraswati Puja is available from our web-site at 
Please do not forget to attend the drama on Swami Vivekananda by Bay
Area Youth. The flyer can be downloaded from: 
Surajit Sengupta
Bay Area Prabasi

                                              Dated: 01/21/2004
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.