Subject: Membership Letter from Chairman
Dated: Aug 29, 2003
Bay Area Prabasi Inc

Bay Area Prabasi Inc.

PO Box 2116, Fremont, CA 94536

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    We are currently in the midst of membership renewal for the year 2003~2004. As you all understand, Prabasi is a member driven organization and it runs on membership fees. Prabasi offers its members access to various cultural activities, youth activities, sports and other forums. Prabasi gives you an opportunity to stay connected to our rich cultural heritage by organizing different events through out the year. Prabasi provides a platform to many of our local performers to exhibit their talents and skills.

    There is some interesting news for our members. We envisioned a permanent Bengali Community Center and Temple to meet the growing needs of the Bengali community. We spend an enormous amount of our collection on facility renting but once we have a permanent place for Prabasi, we will be able to save this cost. This will hopefully also be a place for future generations to gather and continue to celebrate the Bengalee cultural heritage in their adopted country. An ad-hoc steering committee has been formed to drive this project under the leadership of Dr. Tara Khatua. From this year, Prabasi will start raising money for the Community Center and Temple. This has been Prabasi’s dream since the last 38 years. I think this will be a very exciting venture for Prabasi and I urge each and every member to participate in this endeavor and make our dream come true. Anybody who would like to be part of this historic project please contact Dr. Khatua at 925-249-0203. We need many volunteers.

    It is also the time to reflect upon the vents of the past year. We kicked off 2002 with a very successful Durga Puja, the biggest festival of Prabasi. Some of the famous and well known performers that participated in Prabasi's events were Tanushree Shankar, Bappi Lahiri, Kumar Sanu, Alok Roy Choudhury, "Khela Jokhon" - a drama by eminent Kolkata artists. Along with professional artists we had many local participants. We also had several youth and children activities. This year in the month of January we also had a special event - "Volunteer appreciation night"- dedicated to all our volunteers. Volunteers are the pillars of our organization. We appreciated them for their hard work. Our biggest surprise, however was our first outdoor Annual Mela on June 1st 2003. The event was organized as a festival of food and fanfare. A Satyajit Ray classic was screened using the restored 35mm film. Renowned poet Joy Goswami regaled the audience with his famous poetry recitation. The Mela was a big success gauged by the rapid consumption of mounds of mouth-watering delicacies that had been lovingly prepared by the local families. This is an event we would definitely would like to repeat next year!

    The success of an organization depends a lot on the Leadership. Electing leaders for our organization has never been an issue and we were blessed by having very hardworking and efficient Board members. This year we had an election during Saraswati Puja and eight new directors were elected. We had no-contest election since we had eight positions and only eight candidates applied. Many current board members were reelected along with three new Board members. Board Members elected for the next three years are Shyamal Choudhury, Prasenjit Biswas, Susmita Dutta, Jayanta Bhowmik , Tuku Ganguli, Rana Bose , Dolon Das and myself. The Board elected new officers with Prasenjit as a General Secretary, Shompa Bhattacharya as the treasurer and Susweta Mukherji as the co-treasurer. I was re-elected by the Board to continue as Chairman for one more term. Tuku Ganguli decided to step down from his treasurer position for personal reasons after three years of managing Prabasi’s account. He has shown himself as capable and well organized. His bookkeeping skills were very efficient and he helped us in keeping the expenses under control. We thank him for a job well done. A very capable and hardworking Board member, Reema Mukherjee decided to take a back seat after completing her three years term in June. She has been an excellent worker and her contribution towards managing the facility department is well recognized by the organization

    Above all, we were able to provide all these services within our budget and that is where our Board excels. In spite of rising costs and depressed business conditions, we have managed to meet our fiscal goals, and provide quality entertainment to our members.

    We controlled the operating expenses through hard sell negotiation and good deals. We would like to recognize the efforts put forward by those board members who went out under the hot sun, took time off work and families for door-to-door advertisement collections, thus helping the organization to raise extra money. For the last several years, we have not raised the membership fee inspite of providing such professional shows to our members. The only way we were able to do this was through donations, advertisement and other fund raising activities. This extra funds we collect depend upon the health of the economy, which is not that good this year. With rising artist's performance fee, facility cost and other expenses, we do not have much choice other than raising the membership fee by a nominal amount. I hope this will not create too much of a financial burden to our members.

    We will be celebrating Durga Puja at Chabot Collge on Oct 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2003. Like every year we have invited many famous performers from India. Please visit our web page for the latest about our Durga Puja celebration. This year we will be assigning seat numbers at Chabot College auditorium on basis of first come first serve during membership renewal. Front rows will be reserved for Donors and Sponsors. Membership renewal can be done electronically through our web page or by mailing (PO Box 2116, Fremont , CA 94536) a check payable to Bay Area Prabasi. We are planning performances by Bhoomi Band (subject to VISA approval) and Lopamudra Mitra (confirmed). Additional attraction will be a natak Ami Krishna by our local performers, Mahalaya and the world premier of Choker Bali by Rituparno Ghosh based on the novel written by Rabindranath Tagore starring Aishwarya Rai, Prasenjit, Rima Dev Verama, etc. Few of the stars and the Director may be present during the screening. This year the “sound of Dhak” is going to shake the Puja Mandap-- we are getting a dakhi from Kolkata. Prabasi will be organizing a Banquet on Oct 4th 2003 during Durga Puja to kick-off a fund raising effort for the construction of our Bengali Community Center and Durga/Kali Mandir.

    We will be celebrating Kali Puja on Oct 25th at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple. Currently we are in the process of negotiating with some famous artists for Kali Puja.

    We will be organizing several sports events for our members. On September 20th/21st 2003 we will be hosting the first ever Intercity Cricket tournament at OS Hubbard School , San Jose. I am very excited about the prospects for the coming year, and hope to have a full schedule of events to offer very soon that should attract the whole spectrum of interests of our members. Finally I would like to thank you all for supporting our organization, and request you to reach out to your friends and colleagues to do the same. Wishing you good fortune, health and happiness in 2003~2004.


Surajit Sengupta
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi Inc.

Membership Rates for 2003-2004

Type of Membership

Annual Membership Fees till Sept 30,2003

Annual Membership Fees after Sept 30, 2003







Dependent (Parents only)

$35 each

$50 each

Children (above 3 years of age)

$35 each

$50 each

Guest( All others than dependent Parents & Children above 3)

$80 each

$100 each

Donor (Family of two)



Donor (Single)



Dependent in Donor Family
(Parents only)

$50 each

$50 each

Children in Donor Family
(above 3 years of age)

$50 each

$50 each

Guest in Donor Family
(All others than dependent Parents & Children above 3 )

$50 each

$50 each

This letter will be followed by another letter detailing how to renew your membership.