Subject: Cricket lovers of Bay Area Prabasi
Dated: Aug 14, 2003
Dear Member,

Prabasi is proud to announce a piece of wonderful news for all cricket

Prabasi is holding its first ever Intercity Cricket tournament on the
weekend of September 20th and 21st at OS Hubbard School, June Ave. San
Jose CA.

This event is open to current Prabasi members and also to new members.
The event is open to families to join in the fun and cheer the teams.
So don on your white T-shirts and trousers and bring your high spirits
to an electrifying weekend.

We are expecting eight teams to participate. The contact information
for each team is as follows:

Fremont, Foster City, Hayward,Union city,Alameda - Group A & B

    - Bibek Ghosh (510-252-1613)
    - Sajal Mukherji (510-713-9852)
    - Sandeep Dey (510-440-1948)

San Jose - Shyamal Choudhary (408-629-1506) Group C&D
         - Udayan Roy (408-259-9858)

Saratoga,Cupertino,Sunnyvale,SantaClara, Palo Alto, Menlo park,
Redwood - Group E
      - Prasenjit Biswas (408-253 3727)

Pleasonton,Danville,Walnut Creek,Concord - Group F

Rishi Choudhury - (925-462-9088)

Rules and Regulations:

1) Each team will have 11 players. We will be using Cambis(harder
version of tennis ball)

2) Each innings will be of 20 overs

3) Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 6 overs

4) Teams will be formed with players based on their residing Cities
e.g. San Jose team can have people playing in their team who resides
in San Jose and has to be a current Prabasi member. Each team can
submit requests for exceptions to these rules which they have to get
approved by the tournament committee.

5) There is an entry fee of USD 100 per team.

6) Players have to wear white shirts and pants. White shorts will be

7) Teams generally will not be allowed to substitute players during
the tournament only exception will be if some players get seriously
injured then somebody who is not registered with any other team can
substitute him.

8) Teams will not be allowed to substitute players during the game and
no exceptions will be allowed for this case.

9) Teams when they register have to do it with their list of
participating players. This list once submitted cannot be changed.

10) There will not be any fielding restrictions of any kind.

11) Only 1 bouncer is allowed per over. Any other short balls
traveling above the shoulder height of the batsman will be called a

12) No beamers are allowed. Umpires can stop somebody from bowling in
that innings if he bowls beamers consistently.

13) There will be some chalk marks provided to help umpires call wide

14) All the games should be played within the cricket Laws also within
the spirit of the game itself. Arguing with the umpires, showing
discontent in the field, not complying with the instructions of the
umpire will not be tolerated which can lead to scratching of the team
from the tournament.

15) Umpire's decision will be final for any matter on the field
including not allowing a team to participate any further. The umpires
will be authorized to intervene if any team starts "time wasting "
technique or any other unfair techniques.

16) Bowling teams have to finish their 20 overs within 90 minutes. If
they are short how they are going to be penalized will be decided
later by the tournament committee.

17) Captains of the teams will be responsible at all times to make
sure that his/her team participates in the tournament in the truest
spirit of the game and his/her team does not conduct itself which is
detrimental to the objective of this tournament which is having fun
with all the members of Prabasi.

18) Umpires will either be brought from outside or if we do not get
umpires from outside a pool of umpires will be created by the
tournament committee and captains of all teams and umpires will be
selected for each game from this pool by the tournament committee


- Surajit Sengupta and Anubrata Mitra
(408-973-1294) (408-238-8010)


Also look into our community pages for some community events this week
involving Bengali movies and theater. 
Also, The Progressive Bengali Network is sponsoring two film events on
August 17 and August 30.

More information is at 


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 08/14/2003
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.