Subject: Anjan Dutta program coming Saturday
Dated: Jul 10, 2003
Dear Member,

As we had mentioned earlier, Anjan Dutta, a well known vocalist, actor
and film director will be performing at the HP auditorium (Cupertino)
coming Saturday, July 12th from 6:00PM. He will be accompanied by
three highly accomplished musicians (Lead, Bass guitars and
Synthesizer). This is an experimental attempt on our part to mix
Bangla gaan with Original English compositions in the two halves of
the program. Anjan Dutta represents the new generation of Bangla
Adhunik songs. He has prepared this program specifically for the Bay
Area audience and has made sure that the program is distinctly
different from his program in the last NABC. His original English
album "Bandra Blues" from HMV has elevated English compositions from
India to a significant status. 
You can find some MP3 samples of his songs at: 

Bengali Music over the years has undergone a lot of changes just like
Bengali Culture. In the 60's and earlier, the traditional songs were
Rabindra Sangeet, Palligeeti and Bauls. The new songs were therefore
called 'Aadhunik Gaan' - modern songs. These songs were similar to
film music and were sung by stalwarts like Hemanta, Manna Dey, Kishore
Kumar and many more. But as time passed by, the songs no more remained
'aadhunik'. In the 70's West Bengal went through a lot of changes with
the uprising of the Naxalite movement followed by the Communist rule a
decade later. East Bengal saw the birth of a new nation we now know as
Bangladesh. Having gone through such difficult times, and Bengal being
the seat of poetic people, a new breed of singers came up in the 80's
who highlighted the present way of life through their songs. These
songs had down-to-earth lyrics relating to the common man, had catchy
tunes, sometimes borrowing from Western hits and were usually written,
composed and sung by one person. Because of their lyrics, they were
called 'Jeebonmukhi Gaan' (a term coined in the 90's by Nachiketa)
which literally translates to songs facing life. Over the next two
decades a breed of Jeebonmukhi singers came up and today we have four
singers who have received the Jeebonmukhi stamp. These singers (in
order of appearance) are Sumon Chatterjee, Nachiketa, Anjan Dutta and
Shilajeet - though Sumon and Anjan do not necessarily favor the term
"jeebonmukhi" to be associated with their name. In the 90's
Bangladesh's musicians incorporated Western music into their style and
gave rise to what is known as 'Band Music'. Band Music followed
western pop very closly and created its own fan circle. In the late
90's and the previous three years of this century, West Bengal
incorporated the "jeebonmukhi" style of lyrics into Band Music and
gave rise to band groups, some of which are 'Chandrabindu', 'Bhoomi'
and 'Cactus'.

Anjan Dutta's style of music is different from the others in the sense
that it has catchy tunes, reminicent of Western hits and his lyrics
are simple in nature. Anjan's music is somewhat influenced by Blues
and Western Country music. He is the first Bangla artiste to depend so
much on Sax and Guitar. Incidentally, Anjan Dutta is also an actor and
director. Anjan Dutta's program was very well received at the

Anjan Dutta will be accompanied by Sovon Mukherjee on Synthesizer,
Benu Chatterjee on Bass Guitar and Neel Dutt on Lead Guitar. Sovon
Mukherjee and Benu Chatterjee are two of the Leading musicians in the
Kolkata/Mumbai music scene today. He plans to spend the first half of
the evening performing modern Bangla songs from his popular albums,
and the second half presenting English compositions from his popular
original English album, 'Bandra Blues'.


Tickets are $13 (advance) and $15 (on-site). Tickets will be sold on a
first-come-first-served basis. Tickets and additional information may
be obtained by calling:
Prasenjit Biswas (408-253-3727),
Shompa Bhattacharya (408-366-2637),
Surajit Sengupta (408-973-1294),
Nandini Pal (510-797-8679).
Jayanta Bhowmik ( 510-252-1350)

A "will call" facility will be available (ie., you could call, reserve
and send a check to get your ticket at the gate).


Venue: Oak Room Auditorium
       HP (Cupertino) Campus
       19091 Pruneridge Ave.
       Bldg 48S

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2003

Time: 6:00pm

Jeebonmukhi songs usually evoke extreme emotions, i.e. you either love
it or hate it. They have become a hit with the present generation. If
you are the kind that likes Jeebonmukhi songs, you will love Anjan
Dutta's program. Based on our experience in NABC-2003, we guarantee


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 07/10/2003
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.