Subject: Baishakhi 2003: Ananda Mela
Dated: Mar 24, 2003
Dear Member,

PRABASI, welcomes the entire Bengali community (members and non-
members) of Northern California and their friends on June 1st to our
Annual Day celebration.

A special event developed and sponsored by Prabasi as a showcase for
strengthening community relationship. Through this event Prabasi urges
the Bengali community to come and understand the organization and seek
a "Shared Vision".

The annual day event should is being organized with only one vision in
mind: Uniting the entire Bay area Bengali community and their friends
together so that we all share our talent, resources, friendship in
every event and grow together as one large community. This shared
vision will also result in strong camaraderie and exchange of culture
between other Indian communities. Another valuable benefit of this
vision is that our next generation, growing up in a very diverse indo-
American society, will enjoy the events much more as many of their
friends will be there.

- Know and meet new friends
- Attract people who would like to socialize and are new to the 
- Attract new volunteers
- Greenhouse for nurturing growth

Come and experience an authentic Mela (fair) with Bay Area's foremost
Bengali Community PRABASI and their members. We open our doors to all
who wish to have fun, socialize and enjoy exotic food and be one of us.

MUSIC ANYONE?? Do you like entertainment? Whether you like to perform
or prefer to sit and watch, our Open Air Theatre welcomes you to
indulge in music, poetry, songs, classical and folk dances and any
other talent that the performers bring to the stage. Please bear in
mind that this will be performed outdoors on a open stage without any
special lights or sets. To apply for auditions for performance, please
visit our web site at . Hurry up
and sign as spaces are limited. In case you have any questions please
call Susweta Mukherji at (510)713-9852.

ARTISTICALLY INCLINED??? Submit your or your children's original
visual art and/or literature work as we will have stands to display.
Visual art entries can include watercolor, painting, sketches,
charcoal while literature entries can include short stories, poetry,
short plays or skits (in any language , you may provide translation if
you ant) Art work acceptance is on a first-come first-served basis.
Please contact Sushmita Datta (408)268-7110 or Angira Dey for all
visual art and literature questions.

EXOTIC, TANTALIZING, SUCCULENT FOOD!!! Visit the food court for a
taste of mouth watering meals and snacks. If you cannot take the heat,
indulge in cool drinks such as Daab Jol (coconut water), Lassi and ice
tea. Catch up on ADDA (A*dda, n 1. Act of lazy discussion; at times
animated if the topic is political or about the stock market) with a
cup of chai and crispy samosas and chanachor or chaat. In case you
would like to sell home-made food please contact Angira Dey at

ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR? You can advertise you business, sell your
wares or hand out information at the Mela(fair). Booths will be
available at discount rates to rent for 8-10 hours.

Come and be a part of us. Enjoy our hospitality as we only aim to
please. Join our organization by subscribing annually to continue with
these good times over years to come.

You may download a flyer at: 

- From All of Us in Prabasi

                                              Dated: 03/24/2003
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.