Subject: Kali Puja is next Saturday
Dated: Oct 30, 2002
Dear Member,

May we remind you again that you are invited to attend our Kali Puja
festival at Chabot College, Hayward this coming Saturday. Our cultural
function starts at 6:30PM and Kali Puja begins at 9:00PM. This mail
also makes an appeal to members to joint the Trustee Board for setting
up a permanent place for Prabasi.


Kali Puja will be held at Chabot College on November 2. Below is the
updated schedule.

6:30 PM: Shyama Sangeet and Ravindra Sangeet by Mahua Dhar.
7:00 PM: Children's dance program "Symphony of Nature"
         (Coordinated by: Kasturi Basu and Susmita Bhatacharya)
7:45 PM - 9:15 PM : Famous Kolkata Artist Alak Raychaudhuri
         (Adhunik, Rabindrasangeet, Najrulgeeti etc.)
9:00 PM  Kali Puja starts
8:00 PM to 10:30PM Dinner time. (Free dinner is only for Donor
         members. Regular annual members may buy food from caterers.)

More information about Kali Puja may be obtained from our web-site: 

It was decided in last year's General Body meeting that Prabasi should
explore the possibility of setting up a permanent place in the Bay
Area for the Bengali Community. In response to this request, Prabasi
has decided to set up a Trustee committee comprising of 30 members who
would be involved in fund-raising and other developmental work to set
up a Kali Bari/Community Center within the close vicinity of the Bay
Area. We are inviting applications from individuals who are willing to
be part of this Trustee. Please send your response to Bay Area Prabasi
Inc., PO Box 10385, San Jose, CA 95157 or call Shyamal Choudhury at


The annual General Body Meeting will be held in the month of January.
A suitable time and and venue will be announced later. Kali puja is
around the time when we usually have our General Body meeting, but
since we are not having it this year, we are making this announcement
for notifying our members.


This is just a clarification of a point that we wish to bring your
attention to. This is mentioned in the Administration section of our

Prabasi Board retention rate is not high because many enthusuastic
applicants do not realise the level of committment. Many members apply
for a Board position with lot of enthusiasm but unfortunately after
few meetings they resign because of the level of involvement. This
causes organisation re-structuring and lot of problems for the
existing Board members including wastage of time to find a repalcement
and interruption in their operation. Board has decided not to nominate
members in the middle of the term. Board has also decided that future
applicants for Board postion should serve some of the Board sponsored
committees for one year. This will expose candidates to the work load
and enable them to understand the structure and the vision before they
can pledge for full committment. This will also enable an applicant to
interface with the existing Board members. Teamwork is essential and
knowing team members is the only key to successful operation for
voluntary organisation like Prabasi.

If you are interested in serving the Prabasi Board, please read the
rules, and also about the Prabasi Cultural and Executive sub-
committees at: 

Bhai Phota almost coencides with Kali Puja. If you have a relative in
India, you would like to know that we have a fresh new catalog for
Bhai Phota at our gift service site. You can use the service to send
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has a tie-up with Bengalnet which makes this service possible.

To be frank and open, this is Prabasi's small source of revenue as
well. To you it is the same as any other gift service, but if you use
Prabasi-Bengalnet gift service, Prabasi gets a little benefit to run
its online service that makes ecommerce so seamless on Prabasi's site.
Prabasi is still the only Bengali non-profit in US who have an
ecommerce enabled site - even after four years since the technology

So go ahead, and visit and choose the gifts
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have an opportunity.

NABC 2003

As mentioned earlier, NABC 2003 will be held at Los Angeles next
summer during the July 4th week-end. Registration rates are going up
again on November 1, and this is your chance to get the early bird
rates. Please visit to register online.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 10/30/2002
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.