Subject: Durga Puja 2002 update
Dated: Sep 25, 2002
Dear Member,

As Durgapuja approaches, for most of us Bengalis here in the Bay Area,
memories start to form and linger fondly. Remember? Sharat's clear
blue skies with their gentle white clouds, feverish preparations for
the Pujas, gifts, good food, plans for long 'adda' sessions with
friends - these are the very essence of the season. Such nostalgia is
true for those who have enjoyed Durga Puja in India.

Here in the Bay Area preparations are in full swing to make this the
best experience so far for all of us. This year is special as we have
may more professional artists than previous years. At the same time we
are trying to involve our children and second generation Bengalis to
participate equally in all local events. Overall, this is the busiest
time of the year for us and we are enjoying every moment of it!

Let me take this opportunity to update you on some of the events and
changes that have taken place till now.


Many members have requested us to give them the opportunity to
register late with the discounted fees. We have listened and have
accordingly extended the early-bird discounted rate deadline to
October 5. So in case you are still lagging behind, please do renew
your membership before the great rates vanish. Visit 
to get started.


The schedule for Durga Puja 2002 is now available on our web-site.
Durga Puja starts on Friday, Oct 11 and goes on till Sunday, Oct 13.
The following lists only the professional programs:

Oct 11   9:00PM-10:30PM    Drama - Khela Jokhon (Individual ticket
                           rate: 10.00)
Oct 12   3:30PM- 5:00PM    Tanushree Sankar - Ballet (Individual
                           ticket rate: 15.00)
Oct 12   9:00PM-11:00PM    Bappi Lahiri and Orchestra (Individual
                           ticket rate: 20.00)
Oct 13   4:30PM- 8:00PM    Kumar Sanu and orchestra (Individual ticket
                           rate: 25.00)

To get more details, visit 


Prabasi Board has decided to make Kumar Sanu program free for all
annual Prabasi members and donors. Individual ticket price for Kumar
Sanu Nite is USD 25.00. However, as we keep mentioning always, you can
save a lot if you become a member now. To get more details about Kumar
Sanu program and other professional programs during Durga Puja, please


Anjan Dutta's USA Seven Cities tour has been cancelled as per Mr
Supriyo Ghosh, promoter from New York. Unfortunately our program has
been impacted also like Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit etc.  We
received the message too late for Prabasi to sponsor the tour. We have
directly contacted Anjan Dutta and he has agreed to perform in a
Prabasi program in the near future. It is too late now to complete his
immigration formalities before October 10th. We will try our best to
have him perform in one of the events in the current financial year.


Prabasi runs a gift service to Kolkata in partnership with Bengalnet.
This service is very popular among Bengalis all over the US and
specially in the Bay Area since the prices are very attractive and
service is exceptional. This year's Durga Puja catalog looks very
attractive, with lots of choices like assorted sweets, magazines (that
you can order for US delivery), clothes, fish, flowers and other
durable gift items. For example, did you know that sweets are now
delivered in Kolkata in a glass jar instead of the traditional 'maatir
haandi' - and the haandi is ornately decorated. The prices are
attractive too! Like for example,

30 pcs Pantua - USD 17.00
30 pcs Raajbhog - USD 18.00
2 Kg Rohu Fish - USD 16.00
1 Kg Sandesh - USD 17.00
10-15 Roses - USD 10.00

To find out more, visit 

We have many children's programs interspersed all through Oct 11 to
13. Depending on participation, we are planning to host the following
events for children.

Fashion Show:  Each child will be given a very short briefing on how
to walk on the Fashion Show ramp. Next the participant will be
encouraged to take stage and walk down the ramp as our talented
teenage photographer will attempt to capture the beauty of the moment.
If the child is very young, we encourage the parents to walk with
them. This is not a contest. Participation is encouraged without any

Karaoke Music (‘A Japanese abbreviated word meaning: empty
orchestra’.) center:  We will have Karaoke tapes of popular songs and
kids will be encouraged to sing with the tapes. If you have any tapes
you wish to bring, you may and each child will be allowed at least one
song.  If the child is very young, we encourage the parents to sing
with them. As they sing, once again, our talented teenage photographer
will be handy.

Center for poetry recitation, oration and budding comedians: This
center will encourage the participants to recite a poem, tell a joke,
talk about their experience in India this summer, talk about what
Durga Puja means to them. As mentioned before, our ever-active
photographer will be clicking away. If your child is unprepared, we
will have prepared jokes, poems, monologues that they can read aloud
too. This is not a contest. Participation is encouraged without any

Karate Demo Center: This center will only demo Karate and Tae Kwon Do
skill. If your child learns Karate and would like to show off some
talent, we encourage them to do so. Safety is our first concern and
there will teenagers to make sure every demonstration is done safely
and carefully.

A Quiz and Puzzle Center: Age appropriate puzzles logic, riddles or
simple brain teasers, Quiz questions: on US and Indian geography,
Durgapuja trivia, current events, Music, Sports and Entertainment will
be displayed at a table. All kids are encouraged to pick one up and
solve them. 3 or more correct will win a sweet prize. Those of you who
get all correct will have their names announced and win a prize

To have your child participate in theses events call Sushmita Dutta at
(408)268-7110 or write an email to

More details are available at: 

Parents requested to host this kind of event during Summer, Winter or
Spring Breaks because during school sessions children are too busy
with their school studies.

In order to host such an event we need at least 40 people to make the
trip viable. Currently we do not have enough parents to organize the
tour. To participate in such a tour for the next Winter break, please
contact Susweta Mukherjee at 510-713-9852.


Durga Puja is around the time when many new web-sites spring up to
cater to the varied interests of Bengalis around the globe. Here are
some good ones this year.  - very neat design with music samples - good for Bijoya greetings - has a special emphasis on Durga Puja - Also has overseas puja section

To have more such links go to our links section: 
Hope you are keeping your excitement up till Durga Puja.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 09/25/2002
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.