Subject: Durga Puja, Membership and Community News
Dated: Aug 27, 2002
Dear Member,

We have a busy and exciting schedule ahead of us with the arrival of
Durga Puja. Long ago when the internet was in its infancy, and snail
mail was the only way of communication between Prabasi and its
members, the Email from Prabasi announcing Durga Puja was the wake-up
call for many of us. Well, this is that same mail again this year.

Friends, Bay Area Prabasi takes pride in announcing its 28th Durga
Puja celebration from October 11 to 13, 2002 at Chabot College,
Hayward. You will not believe it in the era of the dot-bom, but we are
celebrating our Durga Puja in an even grand way than last year. The
number of stars who have signed up to be present at our functions is
too good to be true. This year we have a three-day Durga Puja (unlike
last year when we had two days) and each day there are shows that you
cannot afford to miss. So pull up your socks, and gear up to listen to
all the news coming your way in the next few weeks.


But first and foremost, this is the time to renew your membership. Ok,
you say; so what do I get with my membership fees - I can choose to
pay a lumpsum amount to be a member, or pick and choose the programs I
wish to watch without membership of any kind. Good question. In fact
this question is so common that we have decided to put up a special
explanation for this on our web-site. Go to 
to see for yourself the answer, and convince yourself that you are
"saving" a lot of money by becoming a member. If you are a home-owner
with a family, you will be saving even more by becoming a Donor member
(what we used to call Patron member). Prabasi has made it easy this
year to make your membership fees as a tax-deductible item.

We highly encourage you to click on the link above and read about
membership benefits. There is one point that we would like to
emphasize which many people tend to forget. Prabasi is the "oldest"
Bengali organization in the Bay Area and it is a "true Bengali
organization - to its heart".

(1) Prabasi promotes Bengali artistes - both from Kolkata and Mumbai.
(2) Prabasi works to bring the latest in Bengali art and culture, and
    nurture Bengali cultural heritage.
(3) Prabasi keeps 5% of its membership fees as a deposit to build a
    permanent place for a Bengali socio-cultural organization that
    everyone can share.
(4) Prabasi members invest in their own future - not just for watching
    expensive cultural programs. Prabasi works towards engaging star
    studded programs from India for special occasions, with the
    intention of saving a portion of the revenue earned for future
    investments which benefit the Bay Area Bengali community as a
(5) Prabasi is a non-profit organization run by an elected board, not
    by a group of individuals.

For more reasons visit 
As announced earlier, you will get a discounted rate for membership if
you renew before Sep 15. The date is not too far away - so make sure
you renew your membership right after you receive your Aug 31
paycheck! Our servers tend to get busy during the final days, so avoid
the rush and renew early.

It is easy to renew since we set up our membership system with credit-
card payments. In case you have not renewed yet, please click on the
link below and you will be guided through the payment steps. You will
be surprised how easy this is, as the entire process will not take
more than two minutes! You direct renewal URL is below - no password
If you have already renewed your membership, thanks for your timely
action. You are all set to enjoy full membership benefits and the
exciting cultural festivals we have planned for this year.

To get the membership rates, please visit 
This page also describes how you can become a new member of Prabasi.


Many artistes have signed up for performing at our Durga Puja festival
this year and many more are slowly being confirmed. All details are
not final yet, but you can get a sneak peek at all the programs we
have lined up for you.

All you need to do is visit this special section of our web-site. 
Stay tuned for the final announcement to come your way via Email.


Past events:

1. FIA celebrated Independance Day at Logan High School. Nearly 50,000
people thronged the venu for the three days event. Ree Mitra the
current chairman of FIA and Rahul Roy ex-chairman were very excited
with the turnaround.

2. Shruti celebrated their annual program with "Tasher Desh" to a
packed house. About 50 students of the school participated. Dalia Sen
choreography was highly laudable and blended well with Sudeshna
Chaterjee's vocal group. Sudeshna was the director and producer
supported by Samita Sen as the Production Manager.

Future Events:

1. Nishtha presents its 2002 annual cultural program at Lynbrook High
School Auditorium. In the first half of this program, students of
Nishtha presents a collage of popular Bengali patriotic songs from
Rabindranath Thakur, Dwijendralal Roy, Atul Prasad Sen, Rajanikanta
Sen, Mohini Chaudhury, Salil Chaudhury. In the second half Nishtha
presents the Rabindranath’s one of the most celebrated plays: ‘Dakghar
(Postoffice)’, played by the Bay Area children, Directed by Jaya Basu.
Date and Time: 5:00PM to 8:00PM on September 7, 2002, Saturday Venue:
Lynbrook High School Auditorium, 1280 Johnson Avenue, San Jose, CA
95129 Directions to Lynbrook High School Auditorium.
Click on: 
2. ASHA for Education presents ENAD'S Third Production Chhenra Collage
(A Collage Torn) - A Bengali Play All profit will go to ASHA. ASHA
runs educational projects in India for the underpriviledged children.
Help us raise a targetted $2500 from this event. Date : 4:30 p.m,
Saturday, 21st September, 2002 Ticket: $10 Venue: Cubberley Theater,
4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto.
Click on: 

3. MAITRI presents Primetime Theater Company's "DANCE LIKE A MAN" A
Play in English by Mahesh Dattani (Winner of Sahitya Kala Parishad
Award for the Best Play) Directed by Lillete Dubey (Of "Monsoon
Wedding" & "Zubeida") Cast Lillete Dubey, Vijay Crishna, Joy Sengupta
and Suchitra Pillai TIMINGS,VENUE: September 6, 2002, 7.30 P.M
Smithwick Auditorium, Foothill College, Los Altos TICKETS: $100, $75,
$50, $25, and $15 PHONE: 408-739-8949, 650-322-2236, 510-739-6722
Click on: 
4. Santoor and Sarod recital on Sep 7th
   Where: Ananda Marga Yoga Center
       27160 Moody Road
       Los Altos Hills, CA ,94022
       (650) 948 2865
   When: Saturday, September 7, 2002 at 7:00 PM
   Admission: General - $10, Student - $7
   Contact: Saril Kumar (408) 401 6246
Click on: 


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 08/27/2002
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.