Subject: Rave reviews about Srikanta Acharya
Dated: May 23, 2002
Dear Member,

As you may know, Srikanta Acharya is already in the US and has
performed in Dallas and Chicago recently. People in those cities have
liked the program so much that they have sent us rave reviews about
Srikanta Acharya. Here are some of them:

From Chicago: "Srikanto kept us glued to our seat for three hours and
still we wanted more! No singer in Bengal can match him. Thank you...
Bay Area Prabasi for arranging his concert".

From Dallas, an enthusiactic fan writes, "The concert was FANTASTIC!
He sang a good varitey of songs, old and new, appropriate for all age
groups. He even sang a few Hindi songs. ... his performance was
absolutely wonderful."

Dallas: "The program was very well received by the audience, the
performance was excellent, notwithstanding the artists' long journey
and lack of rest. While we had a large enough crowd, ... the effort
was worth it, in terms of the entertainment value provided to DFW

Chicago: "A bonus was getting to meet Srikanto, the individual - one
can't help adore his down to earth personality - wish we had more time
to spend with him -much like Lopa, he won over the hearts of everyone
he met during his very brief stay here."

You still have time to purchase tickets. Don't forget, you stand a
chance to receive a free DVD player from
http:/ when you buy tickets for Srikanta
Acharya program.

For more details about the program, please visit: 
Samples of his songs are at: 
Our program will be held on the following schedule:

Program: Cultural program featuring Srikanta Acharya
Date: 1st June, 2002
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Chabot College Auditorium, Hayward

Ticket Rates: VIP Tickets (via donation only)
Reserved Seating: USD 25.00 (Rows 2 thru 5) USD 25.00 (Tickets will be
required for all children)
General Seating: USD 15.00 (No seat assignment, No Tickets required
for children upto 15 years).

To find out how you can purchase tickets, please visit: 

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 05/23/2002
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.