Subject: Prabasi Semi-Annual Program and Saraswati Puja
Dated: Jan 12, 2002
Dear Member,

This is a reminder that Prabasi's semi annual program is coming up
soon. It will be held on Saturday, January 26 at Gunn High School,
Palo Alto. There will be a cultural program involving local talents
along with inaugural speeches by city officals, and officials from
the Indian Consulate. This program is free for all Prabasi members.

Also, mark your calendar for our Saraswati Puja event on Saturday,
February 16 at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple. Normally, this is the time when
we have a lot of children's participation in the cultural programs. If
you are interested to have your child participate at Saraswati Puja on
Feb 16, please submit an application from our web-site at: 

Prabasi's Semi Annual Program will be held in Spangenberg Auditorium,
(Gunn High School) Palo Alto on January 26, 2002.

Here is the tentative schedule:

A. 5:00-5:15 PM -- Inaugural songs (Patriotic Bengali chorus songs by
                   adult group)

B. 5:30-6:00 PM -- i)  Introduction by Prabasi Chairman [5 min];
                   ii) Significance of 26th January or India in the
                   new Millenium (Indian Consulate) [ 10 min ];
                   iii)Speeches by city officials [10 min]; Bengali
                   culture and Bay Area Prabasi [ 5 min.]

C. 6:00-6:20 PM -- Indian Classical Group dance Ensemble by Prabasi

D. 6:30-6:50 PM -- Rabindra Sangeet by Sudeshna Chatterjee

E. 6:50-7:20 PM -- Snack Break

F. 7:30-8:30 PM -- Rabindra Nritya Natya (Chitrangada) - by teenage
                   children of the Bay Area (Dir: Angira Dey)

G. 8:30-9:30 PM -- "Muchhe Jaoa Din Guli Amay Je Pichhu Daake"--
                   Sequence of Modern Bengali songs with Professional
                   music track -- Organised by Prasenjit Biswas.


Election for the position of three Board of Directors will be held on
Saraswati Puja day. Members, who are interested to serve as a BOD,
must fill in the election form available at our web page. 
The signed form must be mailed/faxed on or before Feb 10th midnight. 
Fax. number is 408-629-1511.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 01/12/2002
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.