Subject: NEW Web-based Bengali Transliteration System
Dated: Feb 13, 1998
Dear Member,

Please forward this message to all your Bengali acquaintances. 

This is to inform you of a NEW web-based platform-independent 
Bengali Transliteration System being developed at Bay Area 
Prabasi's Web site. We feel this system may be of interest 
to you, hence this mail. 

The system is available at 

With this system you can: 

(1) Compose a letter by typing it in English and view it instantly 
    in Bengali. 
(2) Send Bengali Email to your friends. 
(3) Print your Bengali composition. With this you can write a 
    printed Bengali letter to your family and friends or prepare 
    a Bengali brochure. 
(4) Compose an article and submit it to Bay Area Prabasi's Internet 

The system currently has the following features: 

(1) You can compose your work in several sessions by saving it and 
    retrieving your work later through a filename. 
(2) It is web-based and is independent of your machine type. 
(3) You do not need any special font to view Bengali text. 
(4) It uses advanced java-scriptfeatures and Dynamic Fonts. So you 
    will need to install Netscape Communicator 4.0 to view it. 
(5) Several examples are provided to give you a jump start. 
(6) A handy symbol-dictionary is also provided to aid you with 
    your typing. 
(7) You can embed English within Bengali text. 

                    HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM? 

Go to 
and start typing inside the form. (Look at the examples to 
get a hang of it). Once you have finished, press the 
"Preview Article" button to see your composition in Bengali. 
It's that simple. 

To mail your composition, press the "Email" button. 
To print your composition, press the "Print" button and 
select menu item "File=>Print" from the new window which 
opens up. 

We hope you will find this system interesting and useful. It is 
freely available without any obligation towards Bay Area 
Prabasi Inc. 

Problems may be addressed directly to 

Thanks for your time. 

- Anupam Bagchi