Subject: Prabasi Broadcast - KALI PUJA
Dated: Oct 28, 1998
Dear Member,

We invite you to come and celebrate KALI PUJA with Prabasi this coming 
Saturday Oct 31st at the Orchard High School in San Jose. The PUJA will 
start at 6 PM.

But wait...

We will have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST for children of all ages, 
including TEENS. Prizes will be awarded in different age groups. 

For your entertainment...

We have NIRMALA MISHRA from Calcutta!!!


Shyama Tandav dance by Bal Bharati International School and many other 
variety programs organized by local talents.

Please inform all your friends who may not have email access. 

   Orchard School Auditorium
   921 Fox Lane
   San Jose, CA 95131


>From San Jose (via 880):
. Take 880 N  
. Exit on Brokaw. Turn right after taking Exit.  
. Turn left on Oakland Road. 
. After crossing railway track, turn left on Fox Lane (School is to 
your left) 

>From San Jose (via 101):
. Take 101N  
. Exit on Oakland Road and take right after exit.  
. After crossing Brokaw/Murphy, turn left on Fox Lane after crossing 
railway track.
. (School is to your left)

>From Fremont, Milpitas, Union City, Hayward and East Bay:
. Get on 880 S 
. In San Jose, Exit on Brokaw Road. Turn left after exit.  
. Turn left on Oakland Road. 
. After crossing railway track, turn left on Fox Lane (School is to 
your left)

>From Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View:
. Get on 101 S 
. Exit on Airport Pkwy and turn left after exit. The road becomes 
. Turn left on Oakland Road. 
. After crossing railway track, turn left on Fox Lane (School is to 
your left)

                         SHANKHA MAGAZINE

You are probably aware that we started the Internet version of Shankha 
- "Shankha International" this summer. Very soon we will be launching 
the Autumn 98 Issue of Shankha International to match with Kali Puja. 
Please visit

to see the magazine. And tell your friends too about this new venture. 
We invite you to submit articles to Shankha and Shankha International. 
Submission guidelines are given in the "About Shankha" section of 
Shankha International.


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