Subject: Invitation for Bay Area Prabasi's Durga Puja
Dated: Sep 02, 1999
Dear Member,

You are receiving this letter because you had registered at
NABC-99 and may want to know about other related activitives
in the Bay Area that may be of interest to you. NABC-99 was
organized by Bay Area Prabasi Inc., a non-profit organization
of the Bay Area that has been in existence for the last 25 years.

If you are already a member of Prabasi, you would have received
this communication through the membership mailing list. If not,
this is a good time to join Prabasi as an annual member.

Let me just tell you what we have been planning for the coming
fiscal year.

The tentative dates for Durga Puja this year have been fixed on
Oct 15, 16 and 17. We have three tentative places right now:
(1) Chabot College, Hayward (2) Pleasanton Fair Grounds and
(3) San Jose Convention Center. We are fixing at one of the
three locations. We'll announce the final venue by the second
week of September.

We are negotiating with several artists to come and perform
at Durga Puja. Here are some artists from Calcutta whom we
have talked to.

(1) Swagata Lakshmi DasGupta, the number one and most sought-after
modern and Rabindra Sangeet singer of Calcutta.
(2) Rezwana Bonya Choudhury from Calcutta who dazzled us
during NABC.
(3) Indraneel Sen, well-known modern singer from Calcutta.
(4) Anup Ghosal, an established artist who has sung in
several Satyajit Ray movies besides many others.
(5) Noted folk singer Pralhad Bramhachari and group.
(6) Mamata Shankar and group.

Note: US regulations for P-3 visas (performing arts), have
become very strict of late. All programs mentioned below
are therefore subject of availability of the artist's visa and
their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract.

This is the end of the millenium, and we would be presenting
quality programs throughout the year to celebrate this event.
We are negotiating with some Bombay artists to stage a
performance in the Bay Area. Among them are the following:

(1) Sharmila Tagore, who had earlier accepted our invitation
to preside over at NABC, could not do so due to her husband's
illness at that time. However, to keep her commitment, she has
agreed to participate at Durga Puja and in all probability,
she would be here.

(2) Abhijeet, one of the top Hindi film singers who was here
at NABC to sing Bengali songs, would be here again, this time
with his troupe. We are trying to close the deal for a program
in the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple either on Oct 24 or Oct 26.

(3) Kumar Sanu and his orchestra is touring the United States
from the middle of October to the end of November. We have
spoken to his promoter and he has agreed to present a program
either during Durga Puja or at Kali Puja.

We would be having dramas by local Bay Area groups in the
forthcoming functions. In addition we will be screening some
good films at Durga Puja that we had acquired during NABC but
could not show due to lack of time.

All in all, we have an exciting year ahead and we would
like you to participate in the fun. Prabasi being a non-profit
organization runs only on membership and advertisements.
We therefore request you to become a member as early as possible
so that we can continue to provide you with quality programs
all year round.

Since this is the begining of the year, it would be to your
advantage to become an annual member now and derive the membership
benefits all year round. The membership rates are present on our
web-page. You can take advantage of the discounted rates if
you register by September 15. You can register in two minutes
through the web and use your credit-card to pay online on
our secure-server. The membership rates are as below.

              Fees on or before Sep 15      After Sep 15
Couple                $60.00                $80.00
Single                $35.00                $45.00
Dependent/Student     $25.00                $35.00
Patron               $200.00               $200.00

To register through the web, go to: and enter your membership details.

Being a member of Prabasi benefits you in many ways. You will
be able to attend SIX days of festival including three days of
Durga Puja and one day each for Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and
Baishakhi. Considering that you paid $60.00 for a couple
registration, that alone accounts to just $10.00 per day for
both of you or just $5.00 per person per day. Looking at the
number of programs that Prabasi brings you, it defininitely
appears to be a good deal!

Hoping to see you at the next Durga Puja.

- Shyamal Choudhury
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi