Subject: Durga Puja 1999 Venue and Dates
Dated: Sep 15, 1999
Dear Member,

We are pleased to finally announce the venue and dates for
Durga Puja 1999. There have been a lot of requests and suggestions
regarding the Durga Puja dates since the last broadcast, and we
have listened to all your requests. Also the response to our
membership requests has been overwhelming, so much so that we
have decided to give you the advantage of the discounted rates
for a longer period than announced earlier. Read on to get further


We would like to extend a warm invitation to all Bengalis to join
us in celebrating Durga Puja together and rekindle the bonds of
language, culture, and friendship that tie our community together
here in the Bay Area.  We have a major event planned for everyone
to enjoy.

Durga Puja will be held from October 22-24, 1999 (Friday evening
until Sunday evening) at the Foothill College Auditorium.

The latest program details and directions will be available from
our web-page which will be functional from September 20 onwards. The
Durga Puja web-site will be at: 
Note: This web-site will appear from Sep 20, so bookmark it now and
return back later.

As outlined in my previous broadcast, a number of artists from
India will be performing at Durga Puja and the subsequent programmes
during our millenium celebration.

We will also send you a mail with all program details and directions
once the schedule is stabilized.


We thank you very much if you have already renewed your membership in
time. Prabasi has survived on the basis of its annual membership for
the past 25 years and we look forward to your continued support.

For those of you who have missed out on the discounted rates, we are
pleased to announce that the dates have been extended till September 
We would prefer you use our web-based membership system to renew
your membership. You can use your password OR renewal code to gain
access to your data. Our system uses a secure server to take your
credit card number and the entire process usually takes less than
two minutes. The web address is: 
We will also be sending you a renewal form by (snail) mail. In case
you are not comfortable with the internet, please use the form to
send in your membership check to the address given in the form.


On an administrative note, there are 4 seats vacant in the
Prabasi Board of Directors.  All those who may have an interest
in joining the Board are hereby requested to send in their
application to the Board as soon as possible. The application form
can be downloaded from the Prabasi website at: 
Any Prabasi member can nominate a person for the Board of Directors
and has to be second by another member. Further rules are given on 
Please fill out the form and send it to the address given at the
bottom of the form before October 20.


Though it is obvious, let me iterate that the web-based membership
system was set up to allow you to enter your membership data AND
maintain it yourself. Though many of our members have come to realize
the benefits of this open policy, there are many others who still
cannot make the transition from the old methodology. So this is
a good opportunity to restate a few things that are repeated several
time on our web-site.

You DO NOT NEED to notify the webmaster to change your Email address
or your mailing address. When you became a member, you were given a
membership number and a password. Please use your membership number and
your password to gain access into your record, change it to whatever
is current and save it. Your initial password is generated randomly
and is very cryptic. You should immediately change it to something
that is more meaningful to you so that you can remember it in future.

The renewal code is another mechanism to allow you to gain access
into your record since most of us cannot remember the password in
this confusing world of networked computers. In case you forgot
your password, you can at least request your renewal code from the
main membership page, to start with, and then get into your record
to renew your membership and also change your password at the same

Hoping to receive your cooperation to reduce volunteer effort.


The following is an appeal from a brave son of Bengal. Please extend
your support to Avijit to support his cause...

"I, AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY, who has started from Calcutta University, India
on bicycle with a slogan of "POLLUTION FREE WORLD" on July' 97.

"So far I crossed 33 countries and more than 43,000 K.Ms. on bicycle.
While I was crossing on bicycle through the countries I made awareness
of "POLLUTION FREE" basically among the students of most of the
schools/colleges/and universities.

"While I was crossing I met with press/media and also dignitaries like
Prince Charles of U. K. and have  also offered Hon. citizenship of
U. S. A and U. K. respectively.

"Yesterday I came to a family who are living in Richmond (Mr. Ajit Roy,
res. ph. 510-237-8735) and will be leaving within few days for
LA-Elpaso-South American countries-South Africa-Austrilia-South East
Asia-India by July 2000.

"I plan to bicycling for another one year and also want to make a world

"May I request you all to help me financially, if possible, for my
onwards cycling and I will be very thankful to all of you.

"With best regards.

"Avijit Chakraborty
Current ph. no. (510) 237-8735
Sept. 13, 1999"

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster