Subject: Happy Durga Puja 1999
Dated: Oct 11, 1999
Dear Member,

We take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Durga Puja 1999. We
are glad to have you in our mailing list and hope you would enjoy
the coming festival season.

In case you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may be interested
to know that we are celebrating Durga Puja from October 22 to 24 at
Foothill College Campus within the beautiful and serene Los Altos 
More details may be obtained from our web-page at: 
If you live away from West Bengal, you are probably missing the
hustle-bustle of puja celebrations back home. Your family members
are similarly missing your presence at home. Here at Prabasi we
help you reach out to your friends and family with ease. One of
the easiest ways is to send a gift to your family members. Bay
Area Prabasi has joined hands with Bengalnet Communications to
give you the most affordable, fastest and easiest operating
gift services to Calcutta. We have a great selection of items
specially designed for Bijoya Dashami. Here is a small sample
from our catalog.

                          Item                           Price
      SPECIAL PUJA PACK - 1 kg Chhaanar Pulao from     USD 11.50
      Sen Mahasay + one Puja Number from either of
      Bartamaan, Aajkaal, Bhraman or Shuktara
      (receiver will be able to choose from
      available publications) + special Bijoya
      Dashami Card
      SPECIAL PUJA PACK - 1 kg mihidana from Sen       USD 12.50
      Mahasay + one Anandabazar Puja Publication
      (receiver will be able to choose from
      available publications) + special Bijoya
      Dashami Card
      PUJA SPECIAL SAREES - A Puja Special Saree       USD 10.50
      worth Rs. 300/= (The receiver will be able to
      choose a saree from a variety of Synthetic,
      Cotton print, Kota and Tant sarees) + special
      Bijoya Dashami
      PUJA SPECIAL MUSIC CASSETTES -- SET [B] with     USD 12.00
      FOUR cassettes - Matite Janmo Nilam Modern
      Songs by Prabir Majumder, Khuji Tomake Modern
      Songs by Indrani Sen, Tumi Nacho Sundari Lok
      geeti by Sanjit Mondal and Eksathe Banchboi
      ChotoBoroder Jonyo Chotoder Gaan. + special
      Bijoya Dashami Card

Prabasi gives you the convenience of ordering through your credit
card. It is safe since we use a secure server to take your credit
card number and we do real-time authorization. Your gift is guaranteed
to be delivered within one day if you order through your credit card.
For more details and for ordering, please visit: 
Once again, we wish you a Happy Durga Puja and a successful year

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                        BAY AREA PRABASI INC.