Subject: Durga Puja 1999 Program Schedule
Dated: Oct 17, 1999
Dear Member,

Prabasi's Durga Puja is this weekend at Foothill College within the
serene Los Altos Hills. This mail contains all the consolidated
information you would need to find your way to the Puja mandap and
plan your attendance.

Dates: Friday October 22 to Sunday October 24, 1999

Venue: Foothill College Campus
       12345 El Monte Road
       Los Altos Hills
       CA 95022

	 	 From Highway 280
         Exit on El Monte and go south (towards hills)
         Follow signs to Foothill College.

         From El Camino Real (for local residents)
         Take El Monte south (between Castro and Rengstroff)
		      from El Camino Real ( goes towards hills)
         Cross 280 and Follow signs to Foothill College.

Parking: Parking is available within the campus. You may park close
         to the entrance and climb up the stair case. Otherwise
		 you may also turn right and go all the way to Parking lot C
		 which is closer to the main gate to the auditorium. You may
		 have to buy parking tickets worth $2.00 with some change.
		 So keep 8 quarters handy before you start for the puja

Abhijit Nite:
         Famous film playback singer Abhijeet will be performing on
		 Saturday October 23 with Zeba and a talented group of
		 musicians from Mumbai. Zeba is a female playback singer who has
		 performed with Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigam. Abhijit was here
		 at NABC-99 with Bengali songs. On popular demand we have
		 brought him back for Hindi songs this time. The program will
		 be held at the Smithwick Theater Auditorium.
		 NOTE: This program is a special event. You will have to buy
		 separate tickets for this program. Prabasi annual members pay
		 $10.00 for each ticket while non-members would pay $20.00.
		 Children under 5 years who would not occupy a seat are free.
		 Tickets will be sold at Foothill College campus from October
		 22 evening till before the show. To get your tickets in advance,
		 call Subhankar at (408)946-8649 or Reema at (408)844-9441
		 during evening hours.

Attendance Fees:
         Durga Puja and all other functions (except Abhijit nite) are
		 free for Prabasi annual members and patron members. You may
		 attend Durga Puja on a per-event basis also. The fees for just
		 attending 3 days of Durga Puja are as follows:
		 Individual: $20.00
		 Couples: $35.00
		 Each Dependent of a Prabasi member: $10.00
		 Each student : $10.00
		 The above fees does not include Abhijit nite tickets.

Annual Membership Fees:
         Annual membership fees are:
		 $45.00 for individuals
		 $80.00 for couples
		 $35.00 for dependants and students
		 $200.00 for patron members (includes food at Prabasi functions)
Protima Darshan:
        Protima Darshan is FREE for one and all.

Bijoya Gifts:
        For those of you who have friends and relatives living in 
		you may use Prabasi's Gift Service to send Bijoya Gifts home. Our
		rates are nominal and we have a wide variety of special gift items on
		our web-site 
Shankha Magazine:
        All Prabasi members are entitled to pick up a complementary 
copy of
		Shankha magazine. These magazines will be available at the puja
		mandap. Also, the magazine articles will be available online at
		our web-site. Visit to read the
		latest puja issue after October 22.

Membership Cards:
        To facilitate distribution of Bhog tickets and cultural program
		tickets at the Puja Mandap, we will be sending all CONFIRMED members
		an HTML mail containing your membership number and other membership
		details. Please print this mail and bring it along with you at
		the puja mandap to show it to the volunteers distributing tickets.
		The printout of the mail by itself does not enable you to enter
		the cultural programs. You will need to show this ticket to the
		volnteers to get your tickets. The printout just makes the process
		a bit streamlined.

		Some people do not have the facility to see HTML mail. If you
		are unable to see your mail containing the membership card,
		just save the entire contents of the mail to a file called
		(say) MembershipCard.html. Then open up any web-browser and
		see this local file. Take a printout of the file from the

        Durga puja details may be obtained from our web-site 
Detailed Schedule:
                             October 22, 1999
        Time                 Program                    Comments
  7:30pm - 9:00pm    Puja
 9:00pm - 11.00 pm   Mahalaya                  Sikha Basu & local group
                                               coordinated by Alok
                             October 23, 1999
  10:00am - 1:00pm   Puja and Anjali
       1:15pm        Bhog Distribution starts
                     Rabindra Sangeet
  3:00pm - 5:00pm    presentation by Calcutta
                     artist Shikha Basu
  5:00pm - 5:30 pm   Aarti
                                               Presented by "Ajantrik"
                                               Written and Directed: 
                                               Participants: Manash
                                               Chakraborti, Santu
  5.30pm - 7.00pm    Drama 'Ektu Alo'          Chatterjee, Sushmita
                                               Bhattarcharya, Susweta
                                               Mukherjee, Sipra Ghosh,
                                               Bibek Ghosh Background
                                               music: Subhen Khatua 
                                               Sandip Dey
  7:00pm - 9:00pm    Dinner Break
                     Hindi song extravaganza   This is a special event:
                     by renowned film singer   Tickets are $10.00 for
  9.00pm-midnight    ABHIJEET, ZEBA and group  Prabasi members and 
                     of musicians from Mumbai. for general public. 
                                               under 5 are free.
                             October 24, 1999
        Time                 Program                    Comments
 11:00am - 12:30pm   Puja and Anjali
  12:30pm - 1:00pm   Sindur Khela
       1:15pm        Bhog Distribution starts
                                                  * Rabindra sangeet &
                                                    film songs by Piya
                                                  * NazrulGeeti and 
  3:00pm - 4:30pm    Local Cultural Programs        by Mahuya Dhar
                                                  * Children's dance
                                                    program presented 
                                                    local school
                                                  * "Sabaar Bhalolagar
                                                    Gaan" by Deepak 
                     Vocal presentation by
  5:00pm - 7:00pm    renowned Bangladeshi
                     vocalist Rejwana
                     Choudhury "Banya"

This schedule is also available at: 
We look forward to meeting you on October 22 at Foothill College 

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                               Dated:       10/17/1999
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.