Subject: Volunteer Incentive Scheme
Dated: Jan 13, 2000
Dear Member,

The question is "How do you get VIP treatment?" The answer, as every
long-standing organization knows, is "by giving VIP treatment". People
reciprocate whatever you give them.

So how would you get VIP treatment at Prabasi functions? Simply by
giving VIP treatment to its members. Starting now, Prabasi is
introducing the "Volunteer Incentive Scheme" to achieve just that.
With a little help from you, we are going to revamp our service to
make it as professional as you would like it to be. This also gives
you the opportunity to mix within your community, become famous (!),
contribute to the same community you belong to, gives you a great
learning opportunity, and best of all get incentives for doing
all this. So what is this new Volunteer Incentive Scheme?

Simply put, you will be rewarded for spending your time for Prabasi.
There are numerous, fields you can contribute in, and you'll surely
find one that suits your interest. Depending on your time and
interests, signup for the areas that you would be interested to help
in. We'll contact you when there is help required. And you
automatically qualify for getting the incentives we promise. In short
it is a non-intrusive way of bridging the gap between "us" and "them".


You will need to signup as a volunteer from our web-page: 

You must be a member of Bay Area Prabasi for the current year.
You must spend a minimum number of hours doing the activity that
you sign-up for. The actual number of hours for each activity is
different depending on the amount of physical labor needed. In
general you must complete the entire responsibility that you are
assigned to. The absolute minimum required for any such activity
is 25 hours per year (for labor intensive projects), but it varies
greatly within the various categories.


(*) FREE food at all Prabasi functions for yourself and family.
(*) Flat membership rate for entire year. (Normally we give
    early-bird discounts for Prabasi members who join us before
    Sep 30 or so. Membership rates go up after that. Volunteers
    can get membership at the discounted rate all year round).
(*) Preferred seating at ticketed Prabasi functions.


Here are the areas of work.

        Accounting        Requires only work at home. You will be
                          asked to help balance accounts to help
                          the treasurer. You can develop insider
                          skills needed to operate a business,
                          file tax returns and run the
                          administrative side of a company. Leaves
                          you free on Prabasi event days to enjoy

        Booth             You will be asked to work on Prabasi
        Registration      Event days at the registration booth.
                          Work involves checking Prabasi
                          membership data, collecting fees if
                          necessary, and providing coupons. Work
                          requires minimal physical labor and will
                          be limited to the specific number of
                          hours you will be assigned. You will
                          develop good organizational skills and
                          establish people contact.

        Cultural          You will be part of the team
        Program           coordinating Prabasi Cultural programs.
                          Work involves one or more of many
                          interesting aspects listed below.

                             * Arranging for a theater
                             * Setting up the stage
                             * Setting up lights and sound before
                               the performance
                             * Arranging special needs for drama
                               and dance setups
                             * Checking tickets before a
                             * Helping members get a seat during a
                             * Wind-up after a performance

                          Volunteers get an opportunity to come
                          into close contact with performing

        Puja and          You will help set up the puja mandap,
        Decoration        provide the artwork and decorate the
                          murti. People with good artistic skills
                          will florish in this work and enjoy
                          doing it. Requires work only on festival
                          days and the preceeding few days for

        Festival          By-and-large you will work on festival
        Manager           days to coordinate the smooth flow of
                          public. Your work involves interacting
                          with the public and coordinating the
                          work within all other Prabasi volunteers
                          working on that day. Persons with good
                          people-management skills who have a
                          talking flair will love doing this job.
                          Responsibilities include coordinating
                          program timings, making announcements,
                          managing queues during food
                          distributions and interacting with Board
                          Members to assess and take remedial
                          emergency measures if needed. You may
                          also be involved in communicating with
                          the members while preparing for the
                          festivals. This may involve some
                          printing and mailing work too.

         Shankha (Print)  Shankha is a print magazine of Bay Area
                          Prabasi which usually has two to three
                          issues every year. You will be asked to
                          help develop the magazine. Work involves
                          typing and formatting articles including
                          complete Desktop publishing, though
                          prior experience is not needed. People
                          with good literary taste and an artistic
                          flair will love doing this job. Requires
                          only work at home. Good knowledge of
                          Bengali is a must.

         Web-page         You will help design, develop and
                          implement the Prabasi web-page. You will
                          develop skills in HTML, Perl, CGI
                          besides photo-publishing utilites like
                          Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Also
                          requires you to monitor web-page
                          generated Email, answer membership
                          questions by Email and fix their
                          membership data if required. Programming
                          skills are required to join.

        Shankha           Shankha Vishwajanin is the online
        Vishwajanin       version of Shankha print magazine. There
                          are four issues of Shankha Vishwajanin
                          every year. You will be asked to bring
                          out these issues on our website
                          coordination with Shankha's
                          Editor-in-chief. Need familiarity with
                          plain HTML and Javascript. Also, must
                          have a good understanding of Bengali
                          language and be have a basic knowledge
                          of image layout within a web-page.
                          Requires minimal programming knowledge.

Yes, since the act of volunteering is voluntary (pun), you can
join and resign at any time. The web-page has the facility to
change your areas of interest at any time. If you select no
areas of interest, you won't be notified of any volunteer
activity. Your incentives will cease from that time onwards, till
you decide to rejoin.

The main Volunteer Sign-up page is at: 
Prabasi needs your help to perform professionally. Please come
forward and sign-up as volunteer today. You'll enjoy the experience
of working together as a group.

Just as a reminder, our Saraswati Puja date will be held at
Sunnyvale Hindu Temple on Feb 12, 2000. Details will be sent in the
next mail. The focus of the cultural programs will be on children.
So if you have any chldren's programmes in mind, please sign up for
Saraswati Puja function from 
You may also contact Susmita Bhatacharya at (650)-786-8694 during
the daytime.

As usual, elections will be held on Saraswati Puja day. There are
7 vacant positions in the Board of Directors. You may contact
Jyotirmoy Ganguly at (408)246-0285 for details. Forms may be
obtained from 
- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                                Dated: 01/13/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.