Subject: New Community Section / Bengali Software
Dated: Apr 28, 2000
Dear Member,

Recently we have made some additions to our web-site that may be of
interest to you. It is the Community section of our web-site. Also,
you can now download an evaluation version of a Bengali writing
software that is under development. It is based on the original
Bengali Transliteration System from Prabasi.

In this mail:
    1. New Section in Prabasi Web-pages (Community)
    2. Bengali Writing Sofware for your PC
    3. Budget decisions for next year
    4. Community extracts: Appeal for Cord Blood
    5. Greeting card


Prabasi exists to serve the Bengali community. We are therefore
introducing a new section in our web-pages - Community. If you have
to announce a cultural gathering, a social gathering, a sports
event, or more importantly make an appeal to the Indian community in
general regarding a medical condition, you can place a FREE community
notice here. There is even a section for promoting your own web-site
or product. Best of all it is free, and Prabasi will select a few
items from the more recent announcements and notify members by Email
so that the news reaches a vast community other than the occasional
visitors who come to the web-site.

You may check out the new feature at: 

Prabasi introduced the Bengali Transliteration System two years
back on its web-site. The system has become popular of late and
it being heavily used for sending Bengali Email and composing
Bengali Text. A PC software called Barnamala, based on the original
Bengali Transliteration scheme is now being developed for word-
procesing Bengali. You can download an evaluation version of the
software from our web-site. To run the software, you need to
install the Adarshalipi fonts which comes packaged with the software.
The evaluation version has the print and save feature disabled.
Very soon the software will be sold from the Prabasi web-site
and Bengalnet's website.

You will be glad to know that the software has been created by one
of our old members, Soomit Banerjee who now resides in Kolkata.

You can get the evaluation version of the software from: 
The web-based transliteration system is at: This works only with Netscape browsers.

We are approaching the Prabasi's new fiscal year with a brand
new board and management. As you are aware that our first event
for the new year is Durga Puja. The geatest challenge to organize
an event in Bay Area is to get an appropiate facility. We have
booked Sep 29th to 1st Oct for Durga Puja. We have also a standby
date of 13th to 15th Oct. Final dates will depend upon the
availability of artists from India. Our membership drive will start
from July 1st 2000.

We all agree that Bay Area is getting expensive in all aspects.
Ticket cost for any professional single program (3 hours) held in
Bay Area ranges from $25.00 and up because of the enormous cost
of facility, infrastructure, light, sound, video etc. and also
catered food. All artists from India are asking for exhorbitant
prices because of the booming economy. So this is the time we will
have to decide how we are going to meet the budget and what type of
events we would like to organize for the whole year. Your inputs in
this regard will be highly appreciated.


A Bengali couple in Chicago need to save their son from a deadly
disease Beta-Thalassemia. The only cure is if they can get some
cord blood from the placenta of a mother after child-birth. Your
help in this matter will be highly appreciated. Read more about
it at: 
Maitri is organizing a fund-raiser cultural event, Bharatnatyam,
by Alarmel Valli on May 5, at 8:00pm. Read more about it at: 
More community notices may be found at: 

In case you haven't seen your Nava Barsha GREETING CARD, you may
look at it by clicking on the link below. removed...

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 04/28/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.