Subject: General Update, Secretary Needed
Dated: Aug 02, 2000
Dear Member,

We have just concluded our financial year 1999-2000 and are now
taking a fresh look at the next term which began on July 1. Very
soon we will be send you the new membership fees. As usual we will
have an early bird discount period during which you'll get a
discounted annual rate. Also, the expected date for Durga Puja is
Oct 6th, 7th and 8th.

In this mail:
   1. Update on Annual General Body Meeting
   2. We need a secretary
   3. Join Prabasi's Email Discussion Group


Prabasi conducted its annual event for the year 1999-2000 at Chabot
College on the occasion of Baishakhi. Swagata Lakshmi Dasgupta, the
renowned singer from Calcutta, entertained the audience with her
meledious voice and her mastery of the arts. About 400 Members and
non-members attended the event.

Prabasi also conducted the Annual General Body meeting by presenting
the financial accounts for the year 1998-1999. About 100 members
participated in the meeting. The discussion was very cordial. It was
an open forum, where members participated in a Question/Answer
session. The members were also notified about the change in membership
fee for the current year beginning July 2000.

Prabasi will shortly send out a message with the budget for this
year (2000-2001) along with the new fee structure to all members,
both by email and also by hard copy.


Wanted:  Secretary (part time)
Payment: $10/hr.

Working hours: Throughout the year, will depend on events.

Job Description: Update membership database,
                 Responsible for mailing,
                 Phone calls to the members,
                 Responsible for onsite registration,
                 Responsible for communication with the members,
                 Booking appropriate facilty for all the events,
                 Taking minutes of meeting for board meeting and
                 should be attending and arranging board meeting and
                 coordinating with the board of directors.
                 Responsible for collecting advertisement.

                 This person should be the focal contact of all
                 Prabasi related matters, assisting web-master as
                 and when required.

Students and Senior citizens are welcome to apply. Prabasi will
provide computer and printer. If necessary. should be able to work
from home.

Should be commited to maintain confidentiality of information.

Apply or call Bhaskar Biswas at 510-366-4663
Mailing Address: 5270 Rooster Drive
                 San Jose, CA. 95136


Many of you have asked me if they can send over personal messages
to the Prabasi mailing list. Since we have promised our members to
use this Email list only for disseminating Prabasi related
information (or of other non-commercial activities we indulge in), we
have not been able to help people in this regard. Also, this policy
has kept the doors closed on effective communication within the group.

Now there is a solution - an email discussion group.

A separate email discussion group has been created in which you can
join voluntarily. You can also leave the group if you don't like to
be on it any more. You can send messages to other members of the
group by sending email to a common address. And it is not limited to
Bay Area Bengali's only, anyone with an interest in the Bengali
culture can join in.

How to participate:

To join:  Send mail to
To leave: Send mail to

To post a message: Send mail to

Also you'll find a banner on our home page which enables you to join
by just typing in your email address.

Sincerely Yours,

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 08/02/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.