Subject: Membership Rates for 2000-2001
Dated: Aug 16, 2000
Dear Member,

With fiscal year 2001 planning being completed by the Prabasi
board, we felt it important to send you a detailed communique
with information regarding planned activities for the coming year.
We also take this opportunity to communicate the new membership

In this mail:

   1. Prabasi - Our New Vision
   2. Projected Plan for Current Year
   3. Projected Expenses for Current Year
   4. New Membership Fees


This year Prabasi has charted a new vision to dynamically improve
on past accomplishments and provide a high level of service and
commitment to our community with respect to progams, facilities,
food service, event management, and above all, to ensure good
quality programs by way of entertainment.

The board has passed a new proposal for the membership fee
structure based upon expenditure incurred in the past couple of
years. As it is obvious to every Bay Area resident, Prabasi is also
faced with the same dilemma of rising costs in every facet of its
operation as do the members of our community in every facet of
their life here. Three main areas of rapid increase in expenditure
have been:

(a) infrastructure cost (auditorium,facilities, hotel
    accomodation, food and logistics and audio visual equipment).
    As an example, while we paid $1500-$2000 facility rental for
    the Durga Puja five years ago, we shall pay $12000-14000 for
    the same facility now.

(b) performer expenditure (artists' fees, travel, visa
    expenditure, etc.)

(c) service costs to support good event management which are
    necessary for an organization of our size which is more than
    1000 strong. An example of such costs are hiring professional
    security teams or usher services to better handle large crowds
    and help in the overall efficiecy in operations.

Being a non-profit voluntary organization, membership fees form the
bulk of our capital resources. Outlined below are the details of
the new fee structure.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all members
for their past and continual support of our organization, and
endeavour to seek your support and active participation for years
to come.


Not only do we plan to arrange for more entertainment programs
(which means programs catering to different tastes and age groups),
we have also planned on improving the quality of the overall
standards of our usual events an example of which is better food
distribution arrangements during Durga Puja, so that everyone can
enjoy the entire day without queuing up in long lines for bhog. The
following is an outline of the major events we are planning:

 1. Special Musical Night (August 25, 2000) :

    Songs by MANNA DEY
    This will be a ticketed program (Ticket Price : $20.00)
    Members who renew their membership before August 22 will
    be given 100% discount (FREE)

 2. Pre-Puja Special

    Bengali songs by Indrani Sen.
    This program will be FREE for Prabasi members who renew
    their membership before the program.

 3. Durga Puja :
    Along with very attractive local programs, we are
    SRIRADHA BANNERJEE for performing during the Puja
    days. We will inform about the exact schedule very
    soon. [FREE for Prabasi members]

 4. Special Winter program:
    Major artists from India (includes Bombay).
    This will be a ticketed program, but Prabasi members
    will be offered 50% (or more) discount.

 5. Saraswati Puja : Local programs

    We also plan to have one classical/semi-classical program
    [discounted for members].

 6. Annual Day : We really want this day to be a special day for
    all of us. We want this day to be a premium and a purely
    social event.We are also discussing about enhancing this day
    from being just a cultural event to a more versatile social
    forum for the Bengali community in Bay Area (for example
    business forum, Bengali Film Festival, Promote young artists,
    etc). Major artists or groups from Calcutta visiting NABC
    (music/ drama etc.) will be invited to perform. [free for

Contracts for programs by Sumon, Lopamudra and Sriradha have
been already signed.


The projected expenses for the current year is given on our
web-site at : 


To cover for the above budgeted expense we have decided on the
following membership fee structure :

Annual membership fee:

Couple :            $ 130.00
Single :            $  80.00
Dependant/Student : $  30.00
Patron :            $ 250.00

However, if you register early, before Sep 15, 2000 we have a
discounted rate for you, which is given under:

Annual Early-Bird Discounted Rate (before Sep 15)

Couple :            $ 110.00
Single :            $  60.00
Dependant/Student : $  25.00
Patron :            $ 250.00

Please renew your membership before September 15, 2000 to get
the discounted 'Early Bird' rate.

All the above mentioned plans will not succeed without your
active help and participation. The Prabasi Board urges you to
extend your commitment to Prabasi by renewing your membership
before the end of September to be able to put our plans into
action quickly and efficiently. We would also like to welcome any
and all of our members to step forward in volunteering their time
and efforts in an area of event management.

You will receive a separate mail giving you detailed inormation
on how to renew your membership. We encourage you to use your
credit-card to register since it makes accounting easy and saves
volunteer time.

Thanking you in anticipation and hoping to get your support as

Sincerely Yours,

- Shyamal Choudhury
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi Inc.

                                              Dated: 08/16/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.